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Welcome to my personal pictures page! Here you will find numerous photos of me, my family, my visits to Hayvenhurst, Jacksons that we have met, as well as photos of my friends at various MJ events & get-togethers. I hope you enjoy looking at them! Please be patient, however, as it may take a while for the photos to load. Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy!

*Click on photos to view larger version*

My Family

My Family
Richard, Heather, Brian & Donna

My Husband

My Daughter

My Son

My Car

Me & My MJ Mobile!
I'm so proud of my car! *LOL*

My License Plate think I love MJ? *LOL*

My Custom Made MJ Sticker
When I drive, I want the world to know I LOVE MJ!!

My Visits To Hayvenhurst
The Jackson Family Home In Encino

I have been very fortunate to have been invited inside the the Jackson family home on several occassions over the past few years. Their home is very elegant & magnificent, but is very welcoming and inviting to those who visit. Although I have many other photos of Hayvenhurst, I wish to keep them private in order to respect the privacy of the Jackson family. Below are just several photos that I would like to share with you. I hope you enjoy them. And, I wish to thank the Jackson family, especially Katherine and Jermaine, for inviting us inside your home and making us feel very welcomed. I cant thank you enough for your kindness. I love you!

With Mrs. Katherine Jackson
Katherine is so sweet! I love her!

Our First Visit To Hayvenhurst
Me & my kids with friend, Sheree.

Me & Heather Inside Hayvenhurst
Neat skeleton, huh?

Inside The Jackson Family Recording Studio
A lot of great music was recorded here!

Me & A Huge MJ Poster
I wish this were my room! *LOL*

Me On The Window Seat
Like all the posters? MJ decorated this room with these!

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