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About Me

Name: Donna Marie Green

Birthdate: July 20th

Location: Southern California

Marital Status: Married for over 18 Years

Children: Heather & Brian

Favorite Color: Any shades of fushia, purple, & lavender

How Many Years Have I Been An MJ Fan? Well, although I have been a MJ fan since back in the 'old days' of the Jackson 5 & the Osmonds (I was a huge Donny Osmond fan, right down to the purple socks! *LOL*), I became a true, dedicated MJ fan back in the early 80's when I watched MJ's solo performance on the Motown 25 Anniversary Show. That performance just blew me away! It was the first time that we really saw what Michael could do as a solo performer......the Moonwalk, his style, his moves, his look, his presence. The entire performance was just MAGNIFICENT! AHHHHH.....I still get goosebumps when I think about it! Thee most classic MJ moment in history, in my opinion!

Favorite MJ Song: Remember The Time & Billie Jean

Favorite MJ Video: Remember The Time (God....that smile, that giggle, that hair, that gold outfit, those moves......ahhh, the man is so GORGEOUS!!!!)

Favorite MJ Live Performance: Motown 25, NYC 30th Anniversary Concert, MTV 95, Soul Train Awards '93

Favorite MJ Album: Dangerous & Off The Wall

Favorite Songs From INVINCIBLE: You Rock My World, Threatend, Privacy

Favorite MJ Interview: The Oprah Interview! I would love MJ to do another interview with her again! She didnt pressure him or make any insinuations. She has such class! Love her!

Have You Ever Met MJ? NOOooo, damn it! *LOL* Although I have been very, very fortunate enough to have received several phone call's personally from Michael, my ultimate dream is to meet him face to face, in person. I dream of one day meeting him on a personal, one on one level where I can get to know him for the person he is inside, not just the entertainer we all love & admire. Having been fortunate enough to have spoken to him on the phone, I know that he is a sentitive, kind, caring, passionate, giving, fun-loving, child-like, and shy man...YET...he is also a competetive, smart, wise, determind, and a very strong-willed man. I think there is so much we all could learn from him. To know him would be a blessing from God.

My Phone Call's From Michael: Okay, now that you know Michael has called me, let me briefly explain how it happened. You see, for those of you who do not know, I founded and run a MJ fan club organization called, The King Of Pop Fanatics. One day in November 1999, my KOP Fanatics group in Los Angeles went to the gates of Neverland and left him a huge message card. Well, in January of 2000, Michael called to personally thank me for the card and for the support of our fan club. I wont go into the entire conversation because I want to respect Michael's privacy, but I can tell you he is the nicest, sweetest man you'll ever meet. The entire conversation last about 50-60 minutes, and he also took the time to speak to both of my kids, as well as my husband. It was a dream come true for all of us and it remains one of the happiest moments our lives.

Events & Appearances I Have Seen MJ Live: Twice during the Bad tour in Los Angeles '88, taping of MTV 10, VH1 Honors, '93 Soul Train Awards, '93 Grammy Awards, Jackson Family Honors, Twice during the HIStory concerts in Hawaii '97, both NYC 30th Anniversary Concerts '01.

My Greatest Memories & Experiences: The birth of my children, my wedding, my phone call's from MJ, my two visits INSIDE Neverland (I did NOT want to go home!), my visits inside Hayvenhurst that included dinner with Mrs. Katherine Jackson (She is the most sweetest, down-to-earth lady you'll ever meet!), the NYC MJ 30th Anniversary Concerts (FRONT ROW for BOTH Shows!), the HIStory Concerts in Hawaii (THIRD ROW!).

What I Think About The "Allegations": Simple: Michael is 100% innocent! When people ask, "If Michael Jackson is innocent, then why did he "settle"? Well, I respond with one question back: Why did the parents "accept"??? ENOUGH SAID!

My Hobbies: Organizing fans events & parties for my King Of Pop Fanatics fan club, going to MJ appearances & concerts, working on my websites, web graphics, chatting, surfing the net, making MJ banners, shopping, baking, doll collecting (toddler & baby dolls), Cherished Teddies.

Favorite City: Las Vegas

Favorite Vacation Spot: Hawaii

Favorite Weekend Get-Away Spot: Solvang/Santa Ynez

Favorite Restaurants: Planet Hollywood, Hard Rock Cafe, Frederico's in Buellton/Santa Ynez, El Torito, Claim Jumpers.

Favorite Perfume: Beautiful by Estee' Lauder, Allure, Halo by Victoria's Secret, Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds.

Favorite Flower: Fushia color roses.

Favorite Movie's: The Wizard Of Oz, Pretty Woman, The Color Purple, Philadelphia, Leathal Weapon (all of them!), Beverly Hill's Cop (all of them!), Grumpy Old Men (both of them!), Home Alone (both of them!), Meet The Parents.

Favorite TV Show's: The Osbournes! (Loveee that show! They are funnier than hell and more like a REAL family than anyone would like to admit!), Survivor, Oz, CSI (Las Vegas), The Real World (Vegas), Days Of Our Lives, Passions, I Love Lucy.

Favorite Actor: Tom Hanks, Mel Gibson, Richard Gere, Eddie Murphy, Wesely Snipes, Joe Pesci (He is sooooo funny with his, "Ok, ok, ok" and his "They f#%k you in the drive-thru"! *LOL*)

Favorite Actress: Whoopi Goldberg, Angela Bassett, Lucille Ball, Cher (Yes,Cher! She is a GREAT actress! I loved her in the movie, "Mask".)

Favorite Food: Pizza, Mexican, Prime Rib, Traditional Turkey Dinner, In N Out Double-Double, Peanut Butter Cheesecake, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, M&M's, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. (Damn, I didnt list any healthy food's.....ummmm, does corn or fat free frozen yogurt count? *LOL*)

Favorite Drink: Coffee, Diet Dr. Pepper, Diet Lemon Coke, Strawberry Margarita's & Daiquiri's, TGI Friday's Orange Dream (Now, dont be thinking I'm an alcoholic now! *LOL*).

Dislikes: Seafood (Yuck, even the smell of it makes me sick!), tabloids, people who drive slow in the fast lane(*LOL*), people who are prejudice, "closet MJ fans", people who disrespect or make jokes about Michael Jackson, people who impersonate MJ in chat rooms, rude & mean people.

Bad Habits: Obssessive-compulsive behavior, perfectionist, take too long getting ready in the morning (and I still look like crap!*LOL*), spend too much time on the internet, I have a bad habit of not remembering to return phone calls and emails.

My Personality: Hmmmmmmm...okay,I'm going to be totally honest, so here goes: I'm generally quiet until I get to know you. I try to be fair & curtious to others. Although I feel I am a quiet person, I can curse like a sailor (I told you I'd be honest)& tell you off in a minute if you intentionally do me wrong or hurt someone I love. Although there are moments when I feel insecure in life, I am generally strong-willed and am determined to accomplish my dreams. I believe in being competitive, as long as you dont hurt, cheat or step on someone else to accomplish your goals. All in all, I believe in the old saying "Treat others the way you would like to be treated". I think we would all be better people if we always remember that!

Favorite Quote: "Just because you read it in a magazine or see it on the TV screen dont make it factual"...Michael Jackson

Wow! You actual read everything? Well, now that you learned far more than you ever wanted or needed to know about me, I must tell you......I'm really not a bad or crazy person, really, I'm not! *LOL*
Thanks for visiting!

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