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When I saw Jimmy Fallon at Butler University

My friend Crystal and I went to see Jimmy preform at Clowes Memorial Hall at Butler University in Indianapolis. The show started at 8 pm, but we were there around 6:30 or so. We were the very first people there. The doors didn't open until 7:00 but we sat in this little room outside the lobby, and people kept opening the doors and keeping them open so it was freezing. Seven o'clock finally came around and they let us inside the lobby. We walked to the entrance to the theatre and started to talk to this older lady, who was one of the ushers, and was telling her about Jimmy because she said that the 'older generation' had never heard of him. We were told that we couldnt see him after the show because the security is REALLY tight and only the staff could see him, so that sucked majorly. When the doors open, we went and took our seats, which were pretty good, around 10th row. The show didn't start until 8:30 because someone said Jimmy was running late.

Then the head of the Butler SGA (the people who booked Jimmy) came out and introduced Barry Sobel. He talked for about 15 minutes. He was really funny, although I dont remember specific things he said because I was too anxious to see Jimmy.

Then Barry walked offstage and the SGA man came back out and introduced Jimmy. Jimmy came out and everyone started screaming. It was so awesome!! Crystal and I were standing up and Jimmy looked over at us for a second because we were the only people standing on that side of the theater. He started off with the Troll Auditions, which everyone had probably heard or read about at some time. Most of his jokes I've heard before, but its okay because I've never heard them come out of his mouth.

He started making fun of Indianapolis because all of the streets are connected like a big circle. All through the night he would just stop mid-joke and say stuff like, 'i cant believe all of the roads are connected...' And he made fun of Butler University because it's a pharmacy school (which its more of a theatre/preforming arts school. And he said 'why anyone would want to come to Indianapolis to get a start on acting is beyond me..') and was talking about how we're all druggies who drive around in circles. It was so hilarious. He did the bit about the college showers, using 1-800-collect, letting fetus' drive, leaving the messages on some girls answering machine, and tons of other stuff. He did this really funny thing where he went to a wedding and at the reception it was like a game show in introducing everyone in the wedding party. He would dance out really funky and hump the air. I think I took a picture of it, I forget. About 1/4 the way through some woman who worked there told me to stop taking pictures, grrr...

Then he was starting a joke and said 'I went to work out the other day...' and I whispered to Crystal to yell something at him. It was totally quiet and she screamed 'Break me off a piece of that!!!!' He looked at us so confused and said 'You fucked who??' and he went on about that for a few minutes. It was sooo great. Then after a joke and everyone was laughing and it died down a bit, I yelled something I really cant remember and he looked right at me and smiled so big. It was awesome.

He closed with more Troll auditions and left the stage. Everyone was standing up and clapping and screaming and stuff. Crystal asked me if i was ready to go and i said 'no, he's gonna come out and do Halloween Carols, we cant leave' So we stayed and he came out and did Halloween carols. Man, that was the most awesome night of my life. Everyone has to see him do standup sometime. You really have no clue how funny he is until you do, i was cracking up all night long.