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Eli Horton
Eli in one of his many helmets, circa August 2001(left.) Eli in his Fall 2000 studio shot (right) ..........

(Pssst... Eli, sit up straight!)

Then for Christmas 2000, back into the same chair.

Right: Eli in his favorite cabinet at age 1 year (August 16, 2000).

Eli Horton Photo Page

Eli at age 14 months.

Born 8/16/99, Eli started walking at 10 months. He loves being outside and climbing. He is enjoying the fall and Titans Football. Go Titans! Go Titans!

Beat those Ravens!!! Go Freak !!

Eli in the leaves!!!

Eli In Deep

Click Here for Eli Horton Genealogy Page

Eli Events

Eli ... first plane ride! (above, off to visit the Garners.)

Eli is Baptized on March 19, 2000(right.) Birthday helmet 8/16/2001 (below.)

Eli Events

Alden E Horton, IV , (born 8/16/99 at 4:50 PM.)

We call him Eli, the E carried down from his great, great, great grandfather: Eli Walton. Eli Walton was born in 1840 in Columbiana County, Ohio, then moved to Kansas in 1858.

Here we see the first Halloween... Our friends Ray Hargreaves and Cathy McGowan were married on Saturday night, and threw a Halloween bash to celebrate. The Hortons dressed as the "Addams Family". Ned, shown here, was (supposed to be) Gomez ... and poor Eli donned makeup for a mini-version of a very scary Uncle Fester. As you can see he loves the event! (Juli's "Morticia" was too frightful to put on the web.) Also below: "Dad! You are not listening!"

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