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~From Moon and Stars to the Son ~

Shine the Light!

The following pages contain a true story of an unusual journey/adventure
I had, as an idealistic, but naive English girl, who emigrated to America in 1965 at age 18 and, like others of my generation in California, began to question and innocently seek answers to certain mysteries of life.

A search which took several years and led to various interesting, but sometimes dangerous experiences, including the deception of a *satanic* cult group.
A journey I embarked on with almost childlike faith, but took more seriously after having a vivid premonition (vision) of the Middle East war in 1973, which surprisingly happened a week later, and led to me discovering Bible prophecies, both past and present ~ for our current generation. Began to observe the "Signs of the Times"

A journey I took on faith, (believing God was good, loved me, and would lead me to the Truth about Christ's second coming and the "End Times") Which it did, but also made me aware of the dark side of life (evil), which I took too lightly,

After seeking answers and meaning, in many different places, I was "led" to a new international group, calling themselves the Unification Church. (commonly known as "The Moonies"), who I joined forces with, after a series of dreams and premonitions that piqued my curiosity and seemed to be guiding me and leading somewhere.
Dreams which turned out to be premonitions of what was to come.

Despite the seemingly believable doctrine of this "messianic" group, I had my doubts, but kept an open mind, yet didn't realise I was in the clutches of a mind-controlling cult group that would almost try to take over my mind and freedom. A path that would have led to a mass wedding and a vow to die for the cult's leader! ~ It was a suicide cult!

Trusting in God, I stayed on until I knew I'd be led out of there, at the right time.
(and I sure was!)

At the crossroads of this journey, I was led to rock Star, Elton John,
and invited, by some of his entourage, to attend his rehearsals, in Hollywood, which I did a few times,
(despite initially disliking the "Star")
Here I woke up, ("came to my senses") thanks to several amazing "coincidences", divine guidance and unusual circumstances.

Although I wasn't a fan ~ Elton's inspirational music and Bernie Taupin's lyrics, greatly assisted in liberating me from the deception (spell) I was under.
(An encounter that was also revealed to me in a vivid dream, but which wasn't fully realised until 25 years later.)
An experience which ultimately led me safely home to the Light of real Freedom, Truth and Love.
(I got more than I bargained for!:-)


An unusual and deep story ~ told simply

(and still unfinished).

By Brenda Henry

copyright 1999


*~* In Love and Peace *~*

Please keep an open mind and seek the truth for yourselves. Most of all, "observe the Signs of the Times"

The Greatest of all, is L*O*V*E

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