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The Empire of Swan Lake

Welcome to the website of the former Empire of Gruver All Surrounding Lands, a micronation founded on April 10th, 1998, and the current website of the Principality of Swan Lake, a micronation that took over after the dissoloution of the old.


February 11, 2002- The Prince of Swan Lake today created himself Emperor of Swan Lake. Now the Empire of Swan Lake has begun. Hail the Emperor! More forthcoming- also, the Empire's New Page is finally up and running, pending an update that is coming TODAY. Thank you for your time.

February 6, 2002- After a long, long, LONG period of inactivity, the former Emperor (after having abdicated and such- well, it's a long story), acting in His capacity as Prince of Swan Lake has enacted sweeping changes to the former Empire. First of all being that His High Imperial Majesty no longer may act in the capacity of Emperor, as he abdicated his throne in favor of Craig Moreau, who later disbanded the Empire. Therefore, His High Imperial Majesty, formerely Emperor of Gruver, Prussia, and All Surrounding Lands is reduced in title now to His Highness, Prince of Swan Lake, Duke and Protector of Maquoketa. Want the legal nonsense behind all of this? Okay, go to this page to find out what is going on.

December 25- The Empire of Gruver and Prussia would like to wish all our friends and allies a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

November 20- The Empire, in it's largest act with a foreign country, today merged with the former Kingdom of Prussia to form the Empire of Gruver, Prussia, and All Surrounding Lands. The webpage will be updated to show this. For those interested micronationalists, few things about the Empire have changed. Emperor Andrew C. Hamilton I is still in charge of the website and foreign relations, but now the Prusso-Gruverian Church will play a part in governing our nation. Please contact the Emperor or His Holiness Archbishop Craig P. Moreau for more information.

October 24- The Empire has finally updated the webpage. The Kingdom of Lysaria has been recognized diplomatically. The Historica Gruverian is underway, and new citizens are being contacted.

August 17- The Emperor has begun to do personal research on the subject of Gruverian history so that He may compile a Historica Gruverian to be placed on this site that will give interested persons a look at Gruverian history. Also, the Slobovian Empire has invited some high officials, including the Emperor, to come to Troysburg to negotiate a treaty. The government is considering this.

August 10- The restoration of the National Tennis Courts in the capital has stalled temporarily as the owners of the property, the Forest Ridge school, are attempting to straighten the poles. When the poles are straightened, the construction crew will go back to work post haste.

August 6- The Imperial Matriarch, Pamela Hamilton, celebrates Her day of birth. Congratulations to the Imperial Mother!

August 4- The Emperor celebrates His day of birth! Congratulations to the Emperor, Andrew C. Hamilton the First!

July 20- The Emperor has begun to restore the National Tennis Courts in the capital city of Gruver. These courts, located to the immediate south of Central Keep, have been neglected since 1993, when the former Lincoln Central School District closed it's doors in Gruver. The courts then passed in ownership to Forest Ridge school. They have not ever used them. In fact, the courts were slated for demolition, but the demolition was held off at a request by the Emperor. When restored, these courts will serve as home to the Gruverian tennis team and will be a place where free lessons are given to the children of Gruver.

July 17- The Empire has cast it's vote in the League of Seccesionist States regarding the matter of Prince Christopher of Alameigh. We voted to abstain on both matters. We do not agree with Prince Christopher's racist remarks, no matter in what spirit they were given, but We feel that the League is not the place to condemn him. We feel that that is a matter to be handled by each micronation individually.

June 30- The Empire has scheduled a session of the National Assembly to meet on July 8th, at Central Keep in Gruver. The agenda includes discussing a treaty proposed by the Kingdom of Prussia, a constitutional re-write, and appointment of new ministers for the Small Council.

June 28- The Empire sends it's heartiest warm wishes to the recently coronated Spence, King of Zarahelma. Long live the King!

June 25- The City of Gruver celebrates it's Centennial today! An act of incorporation by the state of Iowa, undertaken in 1900, officially began the history of the city of Gruver, the capital of the Empire since 1998!

June 18- The Emperor officially issued a statement condeming the 'nation' of Marinidad for it's so-called war with the Rasinate of Q'aterra-Macusiaa. We feel that their actions are childish and were not the best way to introduce themselves to the micronational community. Also, a committee, appointed at the last meeting of the National Assembly has chosen a new flag for the Empire! The new flag is as follows: the top half is yellow, representing the sun, and the bottom half is green, representing the growing things that are the heart and soul of the predominantly agricultural Empire. Finally, the Gruver Centennial- 100 Years of Pride is going to be held in Gruver on June 24. The Emperor will lead the nation by bearing both the American and Gruverian flags in the opening ceremonies. Friends and citizens of the Empire will provide parking attendants and will march with the Estherville-Gruver Marching Band in the parade. Please contact the Emperor for more details.*

June 14- Great New for the citizens of the Empire: We have officially and irrevocable joined the Atteran Commonwealth of Nations, an inter-micronational body that acts like the British Commonwealth of Nations! Hail to the Le'ult Jihan Marie I, Head of State of the Commonwealth, and the Imperial Family of the Rasinate!

May 29- Happy Memorial Day! The Empire is happy to honor those who have served America in wars. To name a few: Kermit and Howard Nelson, William Hamilton, our ally and friend HIH Ras Diga Makonnen IV, Michael Hamilton, and Bette Jo Nelson.

May 19- School is out for the summer in the Empire, so the government should have an easier time of running! The National Assembly will meet soon, at a time yet to be decided.

May 4- 4 days until the Autocracy of Prussia and the Confederate States of Defiance become independent of the Empire! Also, the Embassy Act to exchange information with the Autocracy has been signed.

May 1- The Empire of Gruver, after reviewing several plans to remedy our current inactivity, have decided to allow our two most active Duchies freedom from the Empire. The nations of Defiance and Prussia will be formed from this split. Those Duchies that wish to remain in the Empire may do so. The Constitution is being re-written (again!) and should be completed soon. Hopefully, the Empire will move on to bigger and better things now.

April 9- After the recent and disheartening turnout at the Third Constitutional Convention, a radical new plan of government is being drafted. This page will continue to be updated whenever we have a chance, but the Empire will be concentrating on real-world politics within itself for a while. All treaties signed with other nations will still be honored, and all nations with whom we have diplomatic relations will continue to be recognised. Please forgive us for our recent lack of activity.

March 12- The trial of the former Prussian Economic Advisor for treason has been completed. The Third Imperial Constitutional Convention will be held next Sunday, March 19. The Updates page has been greatly re-organized. Come back soon for more changes!

March 6- The Empire has agreed to the Treaty of Co-operation and Mutual Recognition with the Kingdom of TorHavn and the Imperial Rasinate of Q'aterra-Macusiaa. This treaty may be read in it's entirety on our Treaties page.

February 12- The Empire has just had it's Second Constitutional Convention! Many issues were decided and two ammendments were added to the Constitution. Edward James Rosendahl has been appointed Grand Duke. Also, Economic Minister Baron Menendez has a new webpage that can be found under the Territories page.

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This Imaginary Countries site owned by Emperor Andrew C. Hamilton the First.

* This is a 'Real World' event, sponsored by the city of Gruver. The Empire is assisting as much as possible in a 'Real World' context.