Mark Cohen Page
I've loved this site forever. It's small, but cute. I will never escape the allure of Mark.

January: Leave Your Conscience At the Tone: Home of Adopt-a-Bohemian! Visit our bohemian here.
February: Cyberland: A must-see Rent site with just about everything!
March: The First Unofficial Jim Poulos Site: We cannot stress enough how much we love Jim. This is a truly wonderful site. Go. Just go.
April: Tango to Hell: A Mark Site: This is a really wonderful site devoted to our favorite Mark! Even if you love Roger it's still worth a visit.
May: Will I lose my dignity?: This is an extremely fun site; there's a lot to do and see!
June: ...below 14th street -- the Benny tour: A superbly designed site about our Bennies, with loads of information.
July: Justin's Rent Page: Although this page is in the process of being moved, it has a lot of great information as well as a really nice design.
August: Without a Script: This a wonderful (and hopefully expanding) site with RENT fan fiction. It is the only one of its kind that we know of, and points out that there is more fan fiction about Cats than about RENT. The shame. Just visit the site.
September: The Neverson Babies: Misheard Lyrics from RENT: Because it's too funny...
October: Hear Rent: More sounds than are legal in most states.
November: Jean and Mary's Rent Page: A cute RENT page. Check out the quiz and the are you obsessed? section.
December: Random Rent: A wonderfully designed site, with lots of really great sounds and pictures, especially of the wonderful Jim! (We realize this is a highly biased favorite site list. Nonetheless. It is we who are making it.)
January: Rentheads United: This is a great site with a really great cause. If you haven't been here, you should be ashamed of yourself. Quick, go now and we won't tell anyone.
February: Diana's RENT-in-London Pages: So much information, so little time.
March: La Vie Boheme References: Who is Kurosawa, anyway?
April: Matt Caplan on OK, so this is cheating a little, but Matt Caplan's CD is really excellent and if you haven't heard it, or even if you have, you should go here and download his songs.
May: Fine, take your crummy web page...a web page all about Matt Caplan: Yes, just when you thought we couldn't plug Matt any more, we proved you wrong. This is a fun site. Melissa and Ellen have stupid things posted there for all the world to see. Not that the same does not go for this site.
June: The Official Karmine Alers Website: We love Karmine! This is a great site, too. (Also there are cute pictures of Matt Caplan.)
July: RENT -- the Angel Cast: In a sincere effort to have a favorite site that does not involve Matt Caplan, we present you with this one. We have not, in fact, even seen the Angel tour (although Angel tour members show up other places that we've seen) but it's a nicely put together site, and fun to look at, even if the Angel tour is no more.
August: Dan's Rent Photo Page: No shockwave, but lots of hilarious pictures of Anthony Rapp, etc. Definately wortha look.

If you are our favorite site of the month, or if you have been in the past and didn't realize, we have a small award banner for you if you'd like it.

General Rent Links

(No specific casts, general OBC focus, or many different casts)
Alphabetically, after the Official Site

The Official Rent Site
Angel's Rent Page
Anna's Rent Page (we love Anna!)
Anne and Katie's RENT Page
Avenue A
...because everything is RENT
Caro's RENT Page
The Cat Scratch Club
Compulsive Bowlers
Dan's Rent Photo Page
Daze of Inspiration
The Door
Global Rent
Hear Rent
I don't own emotion, I RENT!
I Trust My Soul
I Wanna Put On a Tight Skirt...
Jean and Mary's Rent Page
Jessica's Vacant Lot
Justin's Rent Page
La Vie Boheme
La Vie Boheme References
La Vie The Cast-The RENT OBC
The Life (although a remnant)
The Life Cafe
The Life Cafe (the real Life Cafe site)
The Loft, Ave. B
Lorianne's Rent Page
The Lot
Love's Not a Three Way Street
My Little Piece of Rent!
My Rent Page
The Neverson Babies: Misheard Lyrics from RENT
One Page Glory
Over the Moon
The Power Blows
Random Rent
Rent (Carol)
Rent (the3guyz)
Rent and Life
Rent and You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown
Rent For Life
Rentheads United
Rent Page for Freaks!
Rent-the Broadway Musical!
Rent the Musical
Rent-The Life Cafe
Rent Rent Rent
The Rent Shack
The Rent Zone
The Rocking Rent Site
Sarah and Katie's Rent Page
Steph's Rent Site
Terra's Rent Page
Time To Pay the Rent
To Days of Inspiration...
Underground Rent Book Online
We Begin...
Welcome to Bohemia!
Will I lose my dignity?
Without a Script: A page dedicated to RENT fan fiction! Check it out!
The World of Rent
Zinc's Absolutely Fabulous RENT Page!

Theatre Script Sites

Moonstruck Drama Bookstore: Buy the RENT book, sheet music.

Mark Sites

(Sites exclusively about Mark!--they're the best!)

Mark Cohen Page
The Mark Cohen Web Site
Tango to Hell: A Mark Site

Angel Sites

(Sites exclusively about Angel)

Rent Angels

Maureen Sites

(Sites exclusively about Maureen)


Jonathan Larson Sites (Exclusively)

Unofficial Jonathan Larson site

Cast Specific Sites


The Angel Cast

The Funky Divas RENT Page: The Angel Cast
Joe's Angel Cast Site
Justin's Angel Cast Site
Rob's Angel Cast Site
RENT -- the Angel Cast
RENT: The Angel Touring Company

The Australian Cast

Bohemian World
Out of the Mainstream: The Unofficial Homepage of the Australian Production of RENT
RENT in Australia

The Benny Cast

...below 14th street -- the Benny tour
Go on Charro!...Amber's RENT Site
Mike's RENT Page: The Benny Cast

Rent in Brazil

Rent in Brazil

The Collins Cast (Canadian Touring Company)

Above the 49th Parallel: The Collins Tour
Anna and Allison's RENT Page
Mark's Rent Canada Page
Rent Canada

Rent in Germany

The First Unofficial German Rent Page
Niemals Oder Gleich - RENT in Germany - An Unofficial Fansite

Rent in Italy

New Rent

Rent in Japan

Etsu's Page

Rent in London

And so into the abyss...: Rent London
Diana's RENT-in-London Pages (also with a lot of information on Broadway casts)
I'm used to relying on intellect...: Rent London FAQ
Out of the Mainstream
The Official London Rent Page
Rent London
Rent in the West End

Rent in Mexico

The Official Rent Mexico Site
Rent Mexico
The Unofficial Rent Mexico Page

Rent in the Philippines

The Ten Gallon Plastic Pickle Tub
Rent Manila (Official Site)

Cast Member Sites

Alphabetically by last name
(If the full name of the cast member is not expressed in the title, we will include it)

The Official Karmine Alers Website
YAZ! (Yassmin Alers)
A Tribute to Jenifer Aubry
The Wonderful World of Dean (Dean Balkwill)
The First Maggie Benjamin Website
Over the Moo: The First Unofficial Carla Bianco Webpage
A Tribute to Richard Blake
The DannyFans Homepage (Danny Blanco)
Da Butz (Norbert Leo Butz)
The First Official Norbert Butz Website and Fanclub
This page has information on Norbert Leo Butz, too. (It should be noted that there's not much here)
Matt Caplan
Fine, take your crummy web page...a web page all about Matt Caplan
Silly You Should Ask: Matt Caplan
Gilles Chiasson
Luthapalooza (Luther Creek)
The Luther Lover's Corner (Luther Creek)
So You're a Creek Phreeek? (Luther Creek)
Follow the Man! An Unofficial Curtis Cregan Site
The Original Toronto Mimi: Krysten Cummings
Laura Dias - Gotta Shine! (a.k.a. Maya Days)
The Laura Connection (Laura Dias a.k.a. Maya Days)
The Official Peter Eldridge Page
The Almost First Unofficial Trey Ellett Page
The House of Trey
Be One With Your Cow (Cristina Fadale)
Cristina Fadale: Moo like ya mean it!
A Splash of Sas (Saskia Garel)
The First Unofficial Marcy Harriel Site
The Official Marcy Harriel Site
Neil Patrick Harris
Neil Planet (Neil Patrick Harris)
An Angel of the First Degree (Wilson Jermaine Heredia)
This Diva Needs Her Stage: the Unofficial Leigh Hetherington Page
The Official Scott Hunt Site
Scott Hunt
Diane's RENT Page (Scott Hunt)
Owen Rocks!: Owen Johnston II
"I went to Harvard for this?": The Official Kristen Lee Kelly Site
Sharon Leal: The Goddess of Rent
Simply Jesse L. Martin
The Official Joesph McFadden Homepage
Bill's Idina Menzel Worship Site
Idina Menzel's Official Website
Idina Spread the Word Campaign
The First Unofficial Idina Menzel Page
The Second Unofficial Idina Menzel Page
Planet Z (Idina Menzel)
The Official Erica Munoz WebPage
Matt Murphy
The First Official Karen Olivo Page
Another Official Karen Olivo Web Page
Daryll Ordell Online
The Original John Partridge Website (Germany's Roger)
And if we live throught this, I will be back again... (Adam Pascal)
Sh-K-Boom Records has information on Adam Pascal's newest record!
Kristen and Des's Page of Sounds (Adam Pascal...just trust us)
A Photo Point page of Adam Pascal pictures
Over the Moon: Tamara Podemski
Tamara Podemski: The Only Way Out is Up
To the Stage!: Tamara Podemski
Light Manley's Candle...
The First Unofficial Manley Pope Site
The First Unofficial Jim Poulos Site
Anthony Alley
Anthony Rapp
Antville (Anthony Rapp)
The Totally Unofficial and Truly Devoted Mark Cohen Page (Anthony Rapp and Luther Creek) The Unofficial Anthony Rapp Site
A Photo Point page of Anthony
The Official Chad Richardson Site
The Chad Richardson Pages
Chad Richardson: Peace and Love
RENT eh?: Chad Richardson
Two People (Chad Richardson)
Juliana's Danny Rockett Page
The Unofficial Jai Rodriquez Homepage
An Angel of the First Degree (Opell Ross)
Dominique Roy
Daph is a Godess (Daphne Rubin-Vega)
You Are Now Entering the Setlock Zone! (Mark Setlock)
Cary's Crossroads (Cary Shields)
...And thirteen orders of fries (Brent Davin Vance)
The First Loraine Velez Site
Fredi Walker
Fredi Walker and Idina Menzel: Take them for who they are
Tricia Young's Unofficial Homepage

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