Historical Overview: Conn began producing a double-walled metal clarinet just a few years after the first saxophone was made in America (1888). Couesnon presented a double-walled Boehm System clarinet in a Paris Exposition in 1900. Triebert also came out with a copy of the Couesnon. Around 1910 Penzel-Mueller (NY) started making the double-walled Clari-Met line to be offered at a price of $150-$200, and was perhaps the most expensive clarinet available at the time. According to the manufacturer, the Clari-Met, made of a special alloy that was almost sterling was destined to make wooden clarinets obsolete. By the mid 1920s there was little interest in the very complicated manufacturing process to produce a clarinet that cost half as much as an automobile. Then in the late 20s Conn began making the "Armored' clarinet, a double-walled model filled with hard rubber. And finally Haynes started producing a double-walled sterling clarinet which is said to have caused heated debate within the company, and less than 400 were made. Somewhere along the line Selmer also made a double-walled sterling model. Value of these instruments covers a wide range because, although they are rare, and often high quality, if they are damaged they might be unrepairable.
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Couesnon Double-Walled Silver Clarinet

Key of A! Ultra rare 1900 exhibition model (no serial number). No dents. Plating is excellent. Like new leather pads. Comes with Searle-Pickett mouthpiece, and old leather covered case. <>$1500.USD<> *SOLD*


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Charles F.Triebert Double-Walled Silver Clarinet

This fabulous rare Bb clarinet is a "Master Model DeLuxe". A wonderful player with no dents, excellent plating, decent pads, and it comes with TWO MOUTHPIECES-- a vintage Gregory 'diamond' that suits the clarinet very well, and a crystal mouthpiece that also compliments the clarinet, but a little differently. Both mouthpieces have their own cap and ligature. Case is solid, but the covering looks bad. Something grr8 to play can be yours for only <>$1450.USD<> *SOLD*


Penzel-Mueller "CLARI-MET"
Cost about $200 in 1910 (a LOT of money then), and was used by players with leading orchestras, and would make wooden clarinets obsolete according to the manufacturer. It was also claimed to be ALMOST sterling silver. This is an extremely rare, and highest quality metal clarinet. For sale for $2200.

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From the first double-walled production: SILVER CONN ALBERT E-Flat -- Made around 1890 - And this near mint example was one of the first made.

“Big Fat Mama (Tommy Johnson) Mike Baytop – vocal & guitar; Jim Lande – clarinet; from “Barbershop Blues Volume 2: Don’t you Weep and Moan”, 2007. Jim is playing a Penzel-Muller double walled Bb “Clari-Met” model using a Clark Fobes San Francisco model mouthpiece and a Van Dorn #2 ˝ reed. For more information, see