Silver King Clarinets

Here are pictures of three models of Silver King. These are all professional models with sterling silver bells that are gold plated on the inside. Some people think that all Silver Kings are the same, and that they all have sterling bells. In this world of rampant logical fallacies this is an understandable consideration, however, the most common model of Silver King which is not pictured here has a bell that is silver plated brass; Still a good clarinet. Silver King, (not to be confused with "Silver clarinet made by King") is the mark of an outstanding clarinet, much better than most metal clarinets, but maybe not as good as some of the other rare pro models unless you find the top-of-the-line. The bell will bear a sterling mark if it is fact sterling silver, and these top models are among the best metal clarinets ever made...Some of them. Oh, it's confusing with Silver King, but not really, look for the sterling mark and you'll know if you have one of the right ones.

But one thing is clear: All Silver Kings approach pro quality compared to most metal clarinets, and they are one of the most popular to look for. Many of the Silver Kings have plated bells, but I've noticed that if there is in fact a sterling mark then the quality of the clarinet is superior to the plated ones that have no such mark. The best Silver Kings have gold wash inside the bell. And as a rough guideline--The gold inside the bell indicates top quality. Not because of the gold but I think those that were made with greater care and by better craftsmen got the gold. There are some top pro models that don't have gold in the bell--But you have to know more about what to look for. Silver Kings were the most sought after when interest in metal clarinets emerged in recent years, because of the alledged sterling bell, and the better than average quality--But for a jazz player (and that's who mostly wants a metal clarinet) a Buescher or a Conn may be the better choice.

For more information about Silver King also visit the H.N.White website

Very old Silver King -- Notice the different barrel


Later Double-Walled barrel helps stabilize intonation


This last model Silver King is about the best silver clarinet ever made.

Another view of this clarinet, this very rare model takes luck to find, and on the occasion one appears on ebay they often go for over a Grand. Yes, a lot of trouble to find, and then you don't know if it will work, so this one will cost you $1,470 USD -- but I have an 'ordinary' Silver King you can buy for $485 (not pictured), and it's still a good playing pro model with a few dents and plating wear (not sterling). You get what you pay for here. Good clarinet $485 {SOLD}, or best $1,470. {SOLD}

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