Noblet Metal Clarinet

Noblet metal clarinets were made up into the 1960s long after most makers quit (by 1940). Even the last of them are believed to be somewhat better than the average metal clarinet, but they are nothing too exciting. On the other hand the very old Noblet is a very exciting instrument--those made in the 1920s or earlier. It is very easy to distinguish the Noblet to get if you look for a raised diamond on the bell. But--The very earliest which are extremely rare had the name 'Noblet' embosed in the bell, and one of these sold on ebay for $570. And there are other models, like the 'Raymond'-- All of these are all similar: A great sounding clarinet that is fun to play, and was about the best 'economy' grade clarinet of the day. Find a Noblet on Ebay

Early Noblet


Very Early Noblet

Perhaps only a few hundred of the Noblets in the above picture were made, and whatever other design, the diamond on the bell appeared later, and remained for awhile from the serial number 1500 on in the first run. There were various other logo designs on the bell which are a more reliable measure of quality than the serial numbers.

Noblet Diamond for Sale

Notice the various logo designs.