Harry Pedler Clarinets

Harry Pedler & Co was in operation from 1919 until 1930 in Elkhart, Indiana. They mostly produced clarinets made of wood or hard rubber, but they made just a few high quality silver clarinets. When Harry Pedler retired the company was sold to Martin, and countless cheap metal clarinets were produced by Martin under the Pedler brand; with model names like "The Pedler", "Premiere", "American", "Hoosier", and "Custombuilt" among others including a lot of "Stencils" -- These were the typical very cheap metal clarinets of the day that were designed for kids. But those metal clarinets made under direct supervision of Harry Pedler himself were far from the cheap student variety, and include some of the finest silver clarinets ever made. The professional quality silver clarinet made by Pedler used a fine metal with bell-like qualities. The construction can be compared to Selmer with a thick metal body, and expert craftmanship; but the Pedler is perhaps a better clarinet than the metal Selmer because there are less problems with the tuning barrel, and the Pedler seems to be preferred by jazz players (the biggest fans of metal clarinets).

This wonderful clarinet has an enchanting tone, and allows for expression that only the best clarinets provide. It's hard to find a more exciting silver clarinet.
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This clarinet is unique in that it is one piece except for the removable bell. The tunable barrel is part of the one piece construction. The clarinet comes in an extavagant case with every accessory--custom grease container, screwdriver, lyre, etc. This is a very special pro model, and extremely rare. In superb condition, and available for $1100 SOLD


Harry Pedler clarinets are often ornately engraved.

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Birger Lindstrom plays the Pedler

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