Conn 514

One of the last great metal clarinets ever made, just before Conn switched its operations to production of armaments for the War in Europe. Never again would Conn make such great clarinets. In a way this seems like the metal counterpart of the notorious 444N like Artie Shaw played in the late 1930s. It has a tunable barrel that often is less of a problem than the tunable barrels found on other pro model metal clarinets. Often the barrel is lost, and with this model it isn't hard to find a non-tunable barrel that will fit, but it won't be the same.

FOR SALE -- $950 -- With rare O'Brien mouthpiece, and like new case.

Clarinet pictured above is for sale, and is is in excellent condition. No dings, dents, or bends. All original, with tunable barrel that works. Newer custom case. Excellent O'Brian mouthpiece is a rare 2S Rowland Model (very small chip on base of mouthpiece has no negative affect). Bonade ligature also included. SOLD


Example of another 514 ....

Photo compliments of French Master Clarinet Technician Extraodinaire, V. Pascal, who enjoys his mint 514 more than many of the metal clarinets in his fine collection. This one might not be for sale, but provides a good example of the barrel and bell in like new condition. As hard as a 514 is to find--One in this condition is quite rare.

Compare with a clarinet like Artie Shaw played...

Conn 444N