Silver Buescher Clarinet

Pictured above is a very hard to find pro quality metal clarinet with tunable barrel and screw on bell. A favorite of jazz players. I searched for years finding three that needed major overhauls, and then suddenly I found three good ones.....GET ONE WHILE YOU HAVE A CHANCE! 1)Like new--Hardly played, but over 75 years old. Gold inside bell-- $850 2) Beautifully restored. New leather pads. Silver inside bell. NICE! $800. These Bueschers sell for an average of over $500 on ebay (and you very rarely see one)-- In addition to the ebay price expect up to $400 in repairs (frozen rods, etc.) and you still might not have something as good as these (if you even fix the ebay junk). So save yourself a lot of trouble and get one of mine before they are gone! ==SOLD==!


Available now is a very nice Buescher, nickle plated. This model apparently didn't come with a tunable barrel--Still Buescher quality, and a very good metal clarinet with new white leather pads, and about the nicest Buescher case I've seen.

Get it now complete with fine mouthpiece, vintage reeds, and accessories--ready to play for $670... BONUS: Free delivery worldwide!
[SALE on ebay NOW]

Click the for sale picture above. My pictures aren't very good on this, but you can see an almost identical bell ingraving on one that just sold on ebay--Mine looks better. And to see how bad it could be check it out, that ebay offering by a non-player maybe has the wrong barrel that won't work properly, and from the look of the long term pad wear, and the corrosion of the plating I would guess it could have frozen rods. That one may never work. But I play these, and my clarinets work! Now if you can get that ebay find fixed it could be worth over a Grand, but the restoation could take months, and could fail. If you want one you can play right away, buy mine today.


This particular one pictured below is (SOLD!!) perhaps a one-of-a-kind production that wasn't finished, a prototype perhaps, and now that it's in playing order you may find a few more adjustments to do, but you'll have something unique and fabulous. A very rich and appealing jazzy tone.

This very rare Buescher Albert comes without a case. From new old stock unfinished--The case is about the biggest step left to complete the restoration. Finish this clarinet to your taste, and you will have a clarinet that dreams are made of.

This rare treasure can be yours for $1070. SOLD

SERIAL NUMBERS for metal clarinets are often not reliable. You can get a rough estimate of the year of mfg. for many Beuschers with the following reference: #220,000 (1927), #235,000 (1928), #250,000 (1929), #265,000 (1933), #280,000 (1937) ...M/L. ... the worlds best authority for metal clarinets