C.G. Conn ARMORED Clarinet

Ebay sale item at the bottom of the page. Other items, shown as an example, are not currently for sale.

The Armored Conn was a fantastic clarinet, but it was heavy, and it was expensive. For whatever reason it was only made off and on from 1926 to the dawn of the Great Depression. It's a loud clarinet that has the kind of tone that soloists prefer, especially for jazz.

#1... $3070

I searched for many years and could only locate a few of these, and most weren't for sale. On this page are the only three 424N versions of the Armored Conn I could find to buy. It turns out that after owning over 300 clarinets in the quest for something more interesting to play, the Armored 424N is my favorite. So, not all three of these will be sold. I don't want to lose my favorite white Beechler that goes with #1 either. See the one at the bottom of the page that you can really buy, becuase I can't decide which of the other two I want to keep...maybe both.


#2... $2200

At $2200 this one includes a rare Red Runyan mouthpiece.


#3... $1250

A major salvage with non-original barrel, thumrest and a couple of keys, but it was successful and should play well again for many years. $1250 and it's on ebay now. This is the only one that you can really buy, and considering that the 424N version of the Armored Conn doesn't even appear on any mfg. list I can find, and all of them that I have ever heard of rest within less than 150 serial numbers---There might not be too many around. ... See it on ebay

To see the more common variety of Armored Conn (also extremely rare)... Click Here... (It was sold for $1650)....More at...