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These are for everyone.
They are in WAV format.

  • Adam, "I never had a girlfriend." Hey, at least he's honest.
  • This is when Adam turned 35.
  • This is when Adam turned 35.
  • This is when Adam turned 35.
  • This is when Adam turned 35.
  • Adam, "$175,000" and something is really funny about that.
  • 12 Step for Addicts Drew is talkng about SA.
  • 18, Movies, VCR, Time Imagine what an 18 year old guy could do with some movies (you know what kind), a VCR, and some time on his "hands".
  • 19 Year Old Jackoff A female caller said that she was with the bell boy on a trip and Adam and Drew deemed his a Jackoff.
  • 20 Grand Before Adam and Lynette's break up, Adam had spent $20,000 on things for the wedding.
  • 16 yr. Adam, "See what happens to a 16 year old guy who's getting a lot of sex, he becomes an a-hole.
  • Advice Adam, "I am perfectly comfortable dispensing horrible advice.
  • Carried Away Adam, "I got a little carried away, and I damaged my penis.
  • Chandelier Adam has a chandelier hanging for himself to enhance pleasure.
  • Dysfunctional Drew, "My penis is very dysfunctional.
  • Fat The infamous Drew Drop. Drew, "You're fat."
  • Gay or Straight?Drew, "Hey, I'm going drugs, I'm a prostitute, I'm a stripper, I've had 5 billion relationships, I don't know whether I'm gay or straight.
  • Given a ... Don't ask, just listen.
  • Huge Adam, "This is huge!!"
  • Idiots Adam, "We know these people are idiots."
  • Interaction Between Adam and Drew Adam, "Drew?" Drew, "Hmm?"
  • Joke Adam, "I'm watching guys die on TV and I can't even make a fart joke."
  • KROQ Loveline Intro This is the old Loveline intro.
  • Lie Adam, "I lie about my penis size."
  • Mahalo Adam, "Mahalo."
  • Pee On... Drew, "Pee on this sitck." If anyone understands this wav or can explain it's origin, please e-mail me (
  • Peyote Drew, "When I was 19, I ate about 4 boiled peyote buttons and stayed up all night, but still felt no effect.
  • 8 hour A women called in and asked if Dr. Drew was an 8 hour man, Adam said that Drew was only a 6 hour man.
  • 87 Drew was trying to think of a year.
  • Adam Carolla Some caller asked if Adam's real name was Adam Carolla.
  • Adam from Loveline Adam was talking about a trip that he went on and a strip was a little past wasted. Others were trying to convice her it was Adam Carolla from Loveline, not Adam Sandler.
  • Adam on the Pill Adam has some great ideas for the birth control pill.
  • Adam on Women Adam talks about women eating hot fudge sundaes. "Women talk it up when they're eating the junk."
  • I Have When (If)Adam has sex, he knows what's going on.

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