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 Rueger finished his championship quickly with 3 majors by 21 months of age.  However his immense value to us has not been in the show ring, but as a stud dog.  We believe producing is in the genes. Rueger's three generation pedigree boasts 12 champions and 12 dogs were awarded ARC Production Awards:  6 are  Gold Sires; one Silver Sire, One Silver Dam, and Four Bronze Dams.  

Rueger has recently qualified as an ARC Silver Sire. We are so proud of his numerous titled get, and his excellent record for producing excellent hip/elbows/heart/eye clearances. Contact us for more details.You can see his pedigree by clicking here.
Rueger has been selected as a positive addition to their breeding programs by many respected and dedicated breeders worldwide.  Our gratitude to all! 
His get are making an impact in the ring.  We'd like to recognize some of his current champions...
BIS SELECT Ch. Noblegolds Gidgett
Ch Der Hagen's Place Your Bet
Ch Crystals Crown Jewel V Tubac
Ch. Dare To Deny Von Seigerhaus
Ch Wildhaven's Precious Amber
Ch Wrights Not Your Average Joe
Ch. Dyson's Promised Chance
We are excited about the kids out currently and will update this page on a regular basis.  For straight talk on Rueger and what we look for in a breeding combination, contact us.

(RO48288E24M; ROEL1515, heart clear MSU)


BIS/BISS Am/Can CH Jade Hagen Kodiac CDX CAN CD Bis/Biss Ch Von Braderīs Eiger
(Gold Sire) 
Ch Eiko Vom Schwaiger Wappen SCHhIII CDX (Gold Sire) 
Liebs Kraus VonBaker CD
(BRZ Dam) 
A/C Ch Birch Hills Nanna V Bradert
CH Oakwoods Darby Von Garent 
(Bronze Dam) 
BIS/SELECT CH Ironwoods Cade
(Gold Sire) 
Ch Donnerschlag V Kertzenlicht CDX/TD
(Silver Sire)
CH Garenīs Baka V Charm
(Bronze Dam)
Ch Disco VH Brabantpark
(Silver Dam)

And, here is Rueger and (some of) his get.