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Keep Your Child Safe with a Child Safety Harness

DANDee Child Safety Harness

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4 year old child in a large child safety harness.

Welcome to DANDee Child Safety Harness

With DANDee’s Child Safety Harness you can keep your child close at hand and safe in crowded and potentially dangerous areas such as malls, zoos, amusement parks, airports, etc. The DANDee child harness is designed so that your toddler will have the freedom to be a kid but with a lot less worry for you. No more chasing after little ones and we all know they are quick. The harness is great to use whether you have one child or ten.


We have three sizes of child safety harnesses that are fully adjustable to fit your growing child. 

All harnesses come with a three feet long leash that attaches to the back of the harness. 


Any questions call 1-888-799-8211 or e-mail




Large black safety harness

1448 Tumbleweed Trail

Pocatello, ID  83204

To contact us:

Phone: 1-888-799-8211


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Text Box: We now have a limited supply of Extra Large Child Safety Harnesses.