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Cyndalla Dalmatian Kennel of Ontario, Canada

Monkland, Ontario {Est. 1988}

Due to a family situation, Cyndalla Kennel will not be breeding for the year 2001 and 2002. Most of our dogs were placed in good homes. I hope to be back breeding the occasional litter by
If you need any breeder recommendations feel free to contact me.


Hi. My name is Cyndy Lajoie and welcome to my page. Have patience with me as this is my first attempt at a web page. So far, so good. Please come back often as I will be constantly adding new info and interesting tidbits as well as informative links.


As you can tell from the title, I breed Dalmatians. I have been an established Kennel since 1988. My love for the spotted dog started at a very early age. My next door neighbor growing up raised them and I used to help out with the breeding, caring and whelping. I acquired my first two Dals in 1987, two litter mates, Dai-Dals Royal Sarah (Sarah) and Dai-Dals Lady Mathilda (Mattie). The following year I rescued a 12 year old male, Sir Lancelot (Nicky), who had his Championship title, that was going to be destroyed and thus began my spotted future with Dalmatians.

I've learned alot about the breed through trial and error over the years, surfing the net and talking to alot of Dalmatian owners. Some of the information on the net is questionable but then again the person who put up the page may have just had a bad Dal experience. Overall I find the breed to be well suited to a lot of different enviroments but as with any breed, they are not the dog for everyone. Dals are not aggressive if well socialized, not hyper if adequately exercised , do not shed excessively if given cod liver oil (email me for dosage) , aren't deaf unless they are born that way or likely to get urinary stones if they receive a low protein diet and plenty of water.


I breed quality dogs at an affordable price with great attention and care to genetics, temperament, personality and last but not least, looks.   I have a lower than average number of pups born deaf because I am very careful with my lines. Any breeder who has been breeding for a few years who tells you that he/she has never had a deaf pup is either lying or extremely lucky. ALL Dalmatian bloodlines carry the deafness gene. It cannot be bred out of our breed, unfortunately. Another genetic concern with Dalmatians is their urinary tract. They are prone to stones but if given a low protein diet and lots of water this can be avoided in most cases. I provide information packages to every puppy buyer and offer to provide additional information on crate training, house breaking etc if the buyer asks for it. All of my pups are raised with lots of love and handling from birth, are given first shots, dewormed and well socialized with children. I've had many satisfied customers over the years. All of are dogs are treated to a daily run on the farm and in the summer a nice cool dip in the pond that was dug especially for them. I encourage puppy buyers to keep in touch over the years. It's nice to see how your pups turn out physically and mentally.


I also do some canine rescue work, primarily Dalmatians but other breeds as well. I have placed over 20 dogs to date. It's sad to see a Dal end up in the wrong hands but it