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Catharsis and the Humdrum: History

The winter of 1997 marks the birth of CHD.

How it all began:

Newby and Matt were in Hubrisdebris, a hardcore band, when Kevin spotted them playing and adopted Newby as the drummer for this new band, CHD. Matt is the second bassist for CHD, but it seems as though nobody wants to admit who the first bassist was. Catharsis and the Humdrum has made a name around Muncie and other areas in Indiana, and it looks as if we will see great things happening with these three talented individuals in the future.

What they've been up to:

Some places that CHD have played are:
Stevie Rays House of Wax, Headliners, Scotties Brewhouse, mt cup, brewsters, BW-3s, Expresso Chalet (Anderson), The Coffeehouse (Evansville), and CIRCVS '97 and '98. (CIRCVS is a music festival held the first Saturday in October. This event is organized by Newby and always succeeds in bringing some awesome bands from around the country to Muncie.)

Some bands who they have played with include:
Clifford Nevernew, The Gladys, The H-Men, Plain, Plunger, The Juliana Theory, Throneberry, Velour100, and White Dove.

Strange or little-known CHD facts (..or stuff we didn't know where else to put):

They've all been in bands since middle school. Newby estimated "probably close to 50 or 60 bands between the three of us."

Kevin played clarinet in high school and Matt plays trumpet. (According to Newby, "We tried to incorporate them into the CHD sound one time but it didn't work.")

Matt is the only band member who is actually from Muncie. Obviously he was affected by the curse. (If you live in Muncie, you know what I'm talking about!)

Matt has lived in Damascus (uhh.. wherever that is), Newby has lived in Belgium, and Kevin has lived in New York. (Yet another sign of the Muncie curse..)

In an April show, CHD covered Plunger (a local hardcore band) tunes and vice versa. This was Newby's idea and the show was great. I've heard that someone video taped part of the show and aired it on Muncie's Cable Access Channel, but I've yet to see that myself. (I made a really bad bootleg if anyone is interested.. uhh.. just kidding. The bootleg exists, but unfortunately I'm not pitiful enough to sell copies.)

They are darn snappy performers!! At almost every show I have seen, they have brought along gelled theatre lights that Matt controls. Going to a concert is like witnessing a music video. They have also been known to use a fog machine, fake blood capsules (while performing We Bleed #15), and a happy silver shimmery backdrop.

They are always hanging out at The Family Kitchen (a local restaraunt open 24 hours) and in various places in the BSU village.

As it was said above, Newby and Matt used to be in a hardcore band together called Hubrisdebris
Here's a pic of Newb and Matt is Hubrisdebris:

According to Matt, "We can fart in 3-part harmony."

Matt was interviewed for a school project by Keith Miller as a favor to Laura Ruble and Kim Davis who needed to pass Economics to graduate from high school. During the interview strange and unusual things kept happening. Matt was very professional about it, but during one especially strange moment, Keith tried to denounce his friends by saying "I really don't know who these people are." Matt replied, "Are they okay?" "I certainly hope not," Keith answered. Matt looked at the bothersome kids and said in a fatherly tone, "Don't break any stuff." (I guess you probably would have to have been there to understand how funny this moment really was. We have it on videotape if anyone is interested.)...To see proof of this interview, click here or here.

pics of the interveiw