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Last update: August 12, 1999

This page is for those with the idea that man will eventually have the capacity to co-exist with man without the necessity of government or other people that are in authority. For a real change to occur, Capitalism must first be abolished, and a Socialist System must be installed. Eventually the system will phase its self out, because after people are conditioned to live without the greed of capitalism there will be very little crime, because crime is a result of social status, and without the class system, everyone will finally respect each other, and not need to commit crime. When many people think of anarchism they think of chaos and disorder but this is far from the truth. Visit my links and find out more information yourself. Also visit my new Anarchist/Socialist Essays and Literature section !!

Also I feel that music is a source of ideas, I'm into all sorts of political music (punk, death metal, black metal and Classical !!) E-mail me if your interested in tape trading, or whatever

In Solidarity,

A special thanks to Danarchy and Vyvian Dirdt Krisis for their help. Without your help this page would suck even worse than it does now !!

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Here is some personal reviews of bands that stood for the absolute freedom of man ( I just started this so, check back each day and I should add more bands):


Aus Rotten




Thatcher on Acid


Dead Kennedys

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