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Aaron Poehler's Music Journalism Archives

Feb 22, 2006:
This site has sat relatively untouched for years, but all things must come to an end. I have finally set up my own official website to consolidate all of my far-flung material, and begun the process of pulling things off of here and setting them back up at the new place. Some pages already have auto-redirect code in place, and each of the others will as soon as I get to them.

So: I highly suggest you visit and bookmark the new official
and don't be too surprised and saddened should you come back here and find this site nothing but a rusting skeletal frame--everything previously hosted here will be over there, and then some--music, writing, all kinds of stuff. Perhaps even some new reviews!

In short: this site dead. New site live. For now, use the links below to check out what's still here, but soon, it'll all be there.

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