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There are many ways in which to win neopoints in Neopets, the main one being PLAY AS MANY GAMES AS YOU CAN!!! But below are a few ways you can get more neopoints and improve your account.

1.) Before you do anything each day, collect your interest from the bank!
2.) Go and get your free Omelette from the Tryranian Plateau!
3.) Visit Coltzans Shrine in the Lost Desert!
4.) Spin the Fruit Machine in the Lost Desert!
5.) Go to the Healing Springs in Faerieland every 40 minutes, also whenever you get some form of sickness, take your pet there and after a few times, she will heal your pet and you won't have to pay outrageous prices for medicine!
6.) Spin the Wheel of Excitement and the Wheel of Mediocrity every 2 hours!
7.) Play the Trombola on Mystery Island!
8.) The snowager sleeps from 6:30am to 730am/and a few more I will add later because I cannot remember them! Neopia Time!!
9.)The Snow Faerie quests are usually beneficial, altho if you have to spend more than 5000nps, I don't recommend doing it! Well At least I DONT!! lol
Do this daily and shortly your neopoints will add up!

There are tons more ways to get money and items, If you are really poor you can go to the Soup Kitchen to get free food until you can afford it yourself. Just play tons of games and have fun!