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Sabatage Keygan R's Pics

Sabatage is 2 1/2 weeks old in this picture. I fell in love with him the min. that I saw it.

I had seen a picture of the breed and started to read up on a lot about it. I then knew that the Rat Terrier was what I wanted. At first I was set on the Chihuahua, but heard about how they were, so I looked for a breed that was small but less like a Chihuahua. I looked an looked for a breeder that was close to my area, found one in Indiana and then e-mailed them to see if they had any puppys at the time, they didn't. So then I looked again for the closest and found Rat Pack Kennels in Alabama. I saw Sabatage's picture and KNEW that I had to have him. Boy was he worth the travel of OVER 1,200 miles to get him.

Sabatage plays doctor to our APBT Sabre (American Pitbull Terrier). Sabre, had a cut on his chin (that Sabatage put there) and he kissed it and kissed it to make it all better. Sabre I think, thinks he is a mother, he cleans Sabatage just like a mother dog would do her baby. Sabatage LOVES to curl up with Sabre and sleep. The two are INSEPRABLE. We also have a Brown Tabby/Calico mix named Kyser, Sabatage and her play for hours when Sabre is asleep and Sabatage isn't tired. They wrestle around on the floor, chase eachother through the rooms, etc. There are times when we have to split them up cause Sabatage thinks that she is a toy he can drag across the room. He will grab a hold of the short fur between her ears and drag her. He is housebroken now, and knows basic commands. He learned VERY fast on the basic commands. The funny thing with him being house broken is what he does to let you know that he has to go. He will run up to you, scratch on your leg, run to the door, squat like he is going to potty on the floor, get up really quick, and stare at you. If you don't see him he does the process over again till he gets your attention. It is the FUNNIEST thing I have EVER seen a dog do.

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