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Personal Life: Road Dogg's family is another wrestling family. Not as big as the Hart's but his dad "Bullet Bob Armstong" was in wrestling and his three brothers, Brad, Scott and Steve were all in WCW. Brian is the youngest brother. I think they are all together in TNA now. His wife Tracy is not in wrestling and of course neither are their kids Dustin and Amberly (yet). As I write this he and his wife are expecting another baby! Brian seems to love tattoos, last time I checked around he had 11 tatoos look for pictures in my pic section. Brian also has piercings in his ears he used to have one on his left eyebrow. Brian fought in desert storm, he was a marine. Brians best friends in WWF were said to be Sean Waltman (X-Pac) and Jeff Jarrett. He is also good friends with Brian Christopher (Grand Master Sexy) and Buff Bagwell.