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Palladium Optional Rules

Fully Automatic S.D.C. Weapons

This section deals with the full auto rules on S.D.C. weapons. Now these weapons are treated the same as the revised missile rules. Basically, a separate roll is made per multiplier. In other words, is someone fires a full burst at x10 damage, he would roll 10 dice, each representing a single round at normal damage. Each of these rounds is subject to The Rule of "5" of course. So these weapons are still pretty damn deadly...more so in some cases.

Mega-Damage 1/20 Scale Rule

This rule is fairly simple. Basically, it takes 20 S.D.C. to make one point of M.D. Now, S.D.C. CAN cause damage to M.D.C. However, it takes 20 S.D.C. to do one point of M.D., round down. In other words, 44 S.D.C. will do 2 M.D. And vice-versa, each point M.D. does 20 points of S.D.C.

When Down To Zero Mega-Damage

This rule represents what happens when power armor, robots, vehicles, etc; have taken up to their full amount of M.D. in their main body. Basically, they are allowed to go into a negative value equal to it's main body. In other words, if a mecha has 250 M.D.C. in it's main body, it can be reduced to =250 before FULLY being destroyed. This rule however, is reserved for key characters. In other words, the PCs or noteworthy villians. This rule does NOT apply to red shirts or peons. Also, when mecha goes into negative points, it takes a critical on every roll of a "natural" 18, 19 & 20.