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Palladium Optional Rules

Rules On Parrying

Parrying can only be used for melee combat unless the character is in mecha. Mecha with shields can use them to parry even range attacks. In case of missiles, the mecha can make a parry attempt to put its arms infront of itself to block the missiles. That way all the damage is absorbed in the arms & not the Main Body.

In case of fighting in mecha, the character can first make an opposed die roll & if failing, can make a parry roll to cushion the on slaught. Rolling with the impact costs one action.

Rolling With An Attack

The rules on rolling with attacks have not changed. However, just to clerify, so there is NO discrepencies, this section was created to shed some light. Whether personal or mecha combat, you can only roll with melee attacks, falls (falling damage) & explosive impacts. In other words, you can roll if caught up in an explosive blast, but NOT if hit head on with missiles!!! That would be down right stupid. Also, a character can make a roll after an opposed die roll. Rolls always cost actions though. Let's face it, rolling versus missile impacts, LASERS, bullets, etc, goes beyond stupidity.

Multi-Missile Rule

Yeah, you knew this was coming, didn't you? The marvelous missile rule augmentation...HAHA!!! Okay, this is a bit different & I'll tell ya right now, you'll want to have a LOT of 20-sided dice. You roll one die per missile fired off. So if you shoot a volley of 6 missiles, you roll 6 dice. The defender makes ONE opposing roll to avoid them. This way, some of them could hit & some could miss. And yes, The Rule of "5" applies to each individual missile rolled. See example below.

Example: The attacker just launched a volley of 4 missiles at the defender.

Attackers Modified Rolls (That's right, plural!): 5, 10, 18, 26
Defenders Modified Roll: 15

The result is that the first two missiles (5 & 10) miss entirely. The "18" hits for normal damage & the "26" hits with triple damage!!!

Here's some more interesting information about missiles. Missiles are used to "lock" (hence the word) on vehicles, mecha, mechanical stuff, that sort of thing. Therefore, it would be rather strange to get a lock on...oh, say a human, a rat, wall, you get the idea. In those cases, the pilot can disable the guidance ability of the missiles & "manually" aim them at the general location. In such a situation, the pilot would aim at a section of ground at some people & try & get them in the blast radius. However, the pilot will not get the +3 missile bonus. He will, on the other hand, get his regular strike bonus divided by 2 (round down). You would have to weigh this with the defenders ability to dodge & roll with the blast.

It's easy to see how this rule can be abused though. The reason being, is that an ace pilot would probably still have a better chance of hitting (even when his bonuses are halved) than with the regular missile bonus. You must realize that the pilot will have to keep track of this missile(s) instead of just firing them off & going on to something else. To simulate this, the pilot will have to burn TWO actions to do this, instead of one.