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New O.C.C.s & R.C.C.s

Welcome to the new O.C.C. & R.C.C. room! Hopefully you will try out & enjoy my creations with in. I have tried to make them as interesting as I could while still maintaining a game balance. The later being something that was ignored when Palladium created the Cosmo-Knight. No disrespect to Palladium, but how they ever expected a Rogue Scholar to feel even some what significant to...*sigh*. My advice! Don't allow players to be Cosmo-Knights! I had a player who chose one & man... His character ripped through two Abolishers on his own & I did NOT pull punches. I let loose with everything those mecha terrors had & only ended up depleting his shield! To say nothing about him reraising it or even scratching his body armor!!!

Anyway...I'm going on a big tangent there. Like I was saying, I think most characters are pretty well balanced. Even the Glitter Boy. I mean, the pilot can't take his Glitter Boy into dungeons, can he? And what about speed? He'll be the first person to be picked off. Plus, the toughest always get the most attention. Now attention isn't always a good thing. ^_^

I will try & add something new at least once a month. Hopefully more often, but there are limits to the diversity of characters one can have. To all those who are fans of the Panzerdragoon video game, my friend is sending me Rift equivelant stats for them. Til then, enjoy!

Most of these characters can be used for either Medival Palladium or Rifts. For those that can be used for both worlds, they will have appropriate conversions. Those that are just for one world or the other will be marked accordingly.

Archon O.C.C. (Rifts Version)

Description: Archons were designed to be the perfect warriors, the perfect guardians. Specifically, they were created with the intention of being powerful protectors of noble wizards. The are very honorable, humble creatures. But don't let their introverted appearance deceive you. They are very formidable opponents. Their training focuses on the blending of their magic arts & close range fighting.

These days, they not only serve as protectors of nobility, but also preservers of the the "Pure Ways". It's not uncommon to see them head off alone or in groups. They travel in search of those in need of help. Some do this as part of their training, to make them better protectors of whatever master they serve. Some make their nomadic lifestyle their chosen way of life. Ultimately they serve the right & just, & have no problems overthrowing their master if he/she has become tainted & evil.

Archon Abilities
1) Sense Magic. Archons are magic blood hounds. They
can sense & see magic energy. They can sense it at a
range of 10 miles per level. They can identify what
the magic is that they are sensing (i.e.: rift, ley
line, spell, magic item) at a skill level of 30% + 5%
per each additional level of experience. He can also
track the source at a skill level of 50% + 5% per each
additional level of experience.

2) Craft Archon Weapon. Every Archon crafts &
enchants a special weapon of his/her choice. These
weapons are exquisitly forged & crafted. Imbued with
an elemental power of the Archons choice (i.e.: fire,
frost, electricity, ect).

The weapon the Archon chooses does double its normal
dice in Mega Damage. In addition it does 1D6 extra damage
for its elemental effect. The weapon can also fire off
bolts of its elemental effect. To do so costs the
Archon 5 P.P.E. & does 5D6 M.D. This is 7D6 at ley lines
and 1D6x10 at nexus points. The range of this bolt
is 100ft plus 5ft per level of experience. The Archon uses
his normal striking bonuses from hiw W.P. in striking with
these bolts. The weapon when in use also alters the
environment around the Archon in a 10ft radius. For
example the fire elemental effect raises the temp-
erature & lights the area in a 10ft radius. The
electrical elemental effect creates a smell of ozone &
causes people hair to rise slightly. The elemental
effect that the Archon chooses makes him in part fuzed
with that elemental effect. So if an Archon chooses
fire as his elemental effect, he is linked to the
elemental plane of fire. This makes him immune to any
damage from this element.

3) Archon Fighting Skills. Archons are known for the
incredible fighting prowess. They get one additional
attack per melee. Their training also gives them the
following bonuses: +1 to strike, +2 dodge, +3
parry/block, +4 to roll.

4) Magical Telekinesis. The Archons have the
permanent ability of the Telekinesis spell (level
three). It costs them no P.P.E. They can also make
telekinetic assisted leaps, allowing them to leap 20ft
high & 40ft across.

5) Initial Spell Knowledge. The Archon gets to pick
4 spells from level one & two spells. Additional
spells are gathered the normal way. Either they are
taught by their master, purchased or acquired in some
sense. Archons are not master spell casters however,
and as a result cast spells at two levels less than
their actual level for a minimum of level one.

Alignment: Must be Principled or Scrupulous. Evil or
Selfish alignments are rare & only available as NPCs.
Attribute Requirements: M.E. 10, P.E. 14, & a high
P.P. is recommended.

O.C.C. Skills:
Detect Ambush
Escape Artist
Wilderness Survival
Holistic Medicine
Literacy (of primary language)
W.P. (pick one ancient melee)
W.P. (pick any 3)
Hand to Hand: Martial Arts (Assasin for Evil/Selfish)

O.C.C. Related Skills: Select six other skills. Plus
select two additional skills at level three, one at
level six, one at level nine & one at level twelve.
All new skills start at level one proficiency.
Communications: Radio: Basic only
Domestic: Any
Electrical: None
Espionage: Any (+5%)
Mechanical: None
Medical: First Aid only
Military: None
Physical: Any
Pilot: Any (+5%)
Pilot Related: Any (+5%)
Rogue: Any (+5%)
Science: Any
Technical: Any
W.P.: Any
Wilderness: Any (+5%)

Secondary Skills: The character also gets to select
six secondary skills from those listed. These are
additional areas of knowledge that do not get the
advantage of the bonus listed in parenthesis (). All
secondary skills start at the base skill level.

Standard Equipment: archon weapon of choice, full
suit of medium to light body armor, side arm of choice
with 2 extra clips, backpack, knife, spare set of
clothes, canteen, binoculars, 2 weeks worth of rations.
They also may choose a fast steed or fast moving
vehicle (i.e.: motorcycle, hover cycle, ect.).

Money: Money means little to most Archons. The live
to either serve the master or their cause. Evil &
selfish alignments may covet such material things.
The Archon starts w/ 1D6x1000 in credits and 1D6x1000
in black market items.

Cybernetics: An Archon will not get cybernetics
EVER! Such additions only weakens his power. He will
not even do so to replace a lost arm or leg. Instead
he will seak out magical regeneration if at all

Archon O.C.C. (Fantasy Palladium Version)

Archon Abilities:

1) Sense Magic: The Archon can sense magic as kind
of a strange tingling feeling with a 20' radius. He
can see magic as far as he can normally see.

2) Ley Lines: The Archon, like any spell caster,
gets P.P.E. bonuses, as well as, spell modifications
from being with in a certain proximity of ley lines &
nexus points (see page 181, Palladium 2nd Edition).

3) Telekinesis: Just like the wizard spell (see page
193, Palladium 2nd Edition), the Archon has the
permanent ability of Telekinesis. He never has to
expend P.P.E. to utilize this ability. He can also
use this ability to assist him on his leaps. This
allows him to jump 10' high & 20' across.

4) Archon Weapon: The archon conjures his chosen
weapon about halfway through his training. This
weapon at the will of the Archon is surrounded by an
elemental effect. Typically this is elemental effects
like fire, blue frost, electricity, etc... This
elemental effect causes an additional 1D6 damage. The
weapon also alters the environment around the archon
in a 10' radius when the elemental effect is
activated. For example, fire will illuminate & heat
up the area. Electricity will create a smell of ozone
& cause anyone in the area to have their hair raise.

At level 6 & 12, the Archon weapon does an additional 1D6

At level 3 the Archons bond with the elemental plane
of his choice becomes so strong that he is totally
immune to any damage done using that element, magic or

At level 6 the Archon becomes able to shoot bolts of
elemental energy out of his weapon. The range is 100'
+ 5' per level of the Archon. Damage is 5D6 & costs 5
P.P.E. This is 7D6 at ley lines & 1D6x10 damage at
nexus points. The Archon uses his total strike bonus
for use of his chosen weapon as his strike bonus.

5) Initial Spell Knowledge: The Archon is taught a
fraction of what a master wizards normal apprentices
are. He starts with two spells that he can choose
from catagories level one & two spells. He has one
spell he can choose from levels one to three. The
Archon is not a master spell caster & as a result
casts at a level that is two beneath his own. Meaning
a fifth level Archon can cast at as third level
wizard. First & second level Archons will cast as a
level one wizard.

6) Learning New Spells: An Archon can only learn new
spells if he is tutered by another wizard or Archon.
He can not learn new spells on his own or create new
ones. This also prevents the Archon from converting
scrolls into spells.

7) Magic Bonuses: +1 to save vs. magic at levels 3,
6, 9, 12 & 15; +4 to save vs. horror factor.

8) P.P.E.: The Archon starts with 2D4x10 plus his
P.E. attribute in P.P.E. Plus, he gets 1D6 P.P.E. per
level of experience.

Alignment: Must be Principled or Scrupulous. Evil or
Selfish alignments are rare & only available as NPCs.
Attribute Requirements: M.E. 10, P.E. 14, & a high
P.P. is recommended.

O.C.C. Skills:
Wilderness Survival
Language: Native Tongue at 98%, plus one of choice (+10%)
Literacy: (of primary language)
W.P. (pick one ancient melee)
W.P. (pick any 2)
Hand to Hand: Martial Arts (Assasin for Evil/Selfish)

O.C.C. Related Skills: Select six other skills. Plus
select two additional skills at level three, one at
level six, one at level nine & one at level twelve.
All new skills start at level one proficiency.
Communications: Sign language only
Domestic: Any
Espionage: Any (+5%)
Horsemanship: General or Exotic only (+5%)
Medical: First Aid only
Military: None
Physical: Any
Rogue: Any
Science: Any
Scholar/Technical: Any (+10%)
Weapon Proficiency: Any
Wilderness: Any

Secondary Skills: The character also gets to select
four secondary skills from the previous list at level
one, & two additional skills at levels five, ten &
fifteen. These are additional areas of knowledge that
do not get the advantage of the bonus listed in
parentheses. All secondary skills start at the base
skill level.

Starting Equipment: Modest clothing & robes in tans &
earth tones (Evil aligned Archons usually dress in
reds & black). Backpack, large sack, water skin &
tinder box.

Armor: Wearing a lot of metal effects Archons the
same as it effects wizards. He starts with either a
full suit of padded armor or plain brown leather armor
(Again, an evil one would choose black, maybe studded).

Weapons: Archon weapon & knife.

Money: The Archon starts with 100 silver (or gold if
that is your standard). He may use this to purchase
additional equipment before the start of the game.

Julirran "Cat People" R.C.C. (Rifts Version)

Description: The Julirran are a feline-humanoid race
from another dimension. They are masters in the art
of magic. They have been using their magic to
cautiously explore other worlds for the past few
decades. For the most part these treks to other
worlds has been fruitful, giving way to advanced forms
of trade & commerce. However, the Julirran pushed
forward in their explorations a little to fast. Their
continual gating & usage of their worlds vast ley line
network drew the attention of a particular powerful
Vampire Intelligence. This vile creature, with the
aid of its countless armies layed siege to the
Julirran home world, locking them into a bloody war.
As a result, several Julirrans have been sent to other
dimensions in hopes of enlisting assistance. Some of them
have fled from what they deemed to be a hopeless cause.
As it stands the Julirran forces have managed to fight to
a 50/50 stand still with their invaders...neither side
giving or taking any ground.

The Julirran are extremely honorable creatures.
Before the conflict with the Vampire Intelligence, the
criminals of the planet made up slightly less than 2%.

Many have fled to Core Rifts Earth. Some looking for
aid in their fight, offering magical secrets in
exchange for help. Others just fleeing to a slightly
less chaotic world. Slightly being the operative
word. Julirran, as mentioned prior, are very
honorable & as a result, make excellant team players
in any group.

Alignment: Usually Good; Rare for Selfish or Evil.
Attributes: I.Q.: 3D6+4, M.E.: 3D6+6, M.A.: 2D6+2,
P.S.: 3D6, P.P.: 3D6+4, P.E.: 2D6+2, P.B.: 3D6, Spd: 5D6
Size: Six to seven feet tall.
Weight: 150 to 200 pounds.
M.D.C.: By armor or magic alone.
S.D.C.: 25
Hit Points: P.E. plus 1D6 per level.
Horror Factor: None
P.P.E.: 1D6x10+20 plus P.E. In addition, Julirran
get 4D6 P.P.E. per level.
I.S.P.: 4D6
Average Life Span: 60 years
Natural Abilities:

1) Immune to Horror Factor: Julirran are among the
bravest of all humanoids. This in addition to their
extremely focused, honed minds, they are able to keep
a level head in any situation. It's not that they are
not afraid, but they are able to prioritize & not lose
their cool. This also doesn't mean that they are not
stupid by any means. They have the intelligence to
run when the odds are stacked against them.

2) They can naturally climb at 98% proficiency. This
is do to their small, yet strong frame & cat-like
claws. So use common sense with this ability. If
trying to scale a smooth armored wall, they would be
heavily penalized.

3) Enhanced Senses: Do to the Julirran's acute
senses they naturally have the skills Detect Ambush,
Track, Track Animals & Prowl at skill of 50%. If they
choose this skill anyway, they get a +35% bonus.

Magic Abilites:

1) Sense Magic: