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New Weapons, Armor & Equipment

Greetings! Welcome to the wonderous equipment section. This section is broken up into five sections: personnel arms, body armor, power armor & robots, equipment & techno-magic.


Particle Disruptor Rifle: This weapon shoots a beam
of energy that disrupts & disperses atoms. When fired
the beam creates a distortion one foot around it. This
is due to the actual disruption of the atoms in the
surrounding air. This weapon is really good for
distorting energy shields.

Indigenous: Atlantis

Effect: 4D6 MDC, 8D6 MDC vs. Energy Shields

Range: 1000 feet

Payload: 10 shots per clip, 20 shot per e-clip

Availability: Very Rare

Black Market Value: 200,000 credits


Bio-Regenerative, Thermal-Optic Suit: This suit appears
to be nothing more than a full body, leather suit. This
suit includes gloves, foot wear & helmit. This body suit
is made of a durable, micro-mesh alloys with nano-
technology. This suit not only gives its wearer chameleon
abilities (like spell), but also regenerates. In addition
the suit nanites also will repair damage done to it's wearer.
However, the nanites will not heal & reset bones & will
not fix internal injuries. One must also keep in mind
that this suit was design for humans. Any other race
unless they have similiar physiology to humans will not
get the benefit of healing from the suit. That is unless
a program for that race can be installed to give the
nanites direction.

Indegineous: Phase World

M.D.C.: 200

Notes: Regenerates 1 M.D.C./minute. Also heals wearer
at a rate of 5 S.D.C./minute.

Availability: Very Rare

Black Market Value: 150,000 credits


Energy Dispersion Rifle: This rifle works by drawing
PPE directly off the user to power the rifle. It fires
off green bolts of energy. Upon striking its target it
courses through its body & disperses the targets magic
& life energy.

Indegineous: Core Earth

Effect: It drains off 6D6PPE, 3D6ISP & 3D6SDC or MDC
as long as this protection is magical in nature.
Borgs, of course, are not affected.

Range: 500feet

Payload: 10PPE per shot.

Physical Requirement: Anti-magic Beholder eye & red clay.

Time: 1D10x10hours to construct

Availability: Rare

Black Market Value: 75,000 credits