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New Critters & Monsters

At last! The long awaited Critters section! I told you I'd get to it. Okay...okay, put the Mega-Damage weapons away, I know, I'm a bum. But I'm a bum who knows how to create some cool stuff.

Wasn't entirely sure how I wanted to organize this, so here's at least my temporary fashion on monster groups: Pack Monsters, Moderate Pests, What The Hell Is That???, & Time To Rift To Some Other Planet Cuz Earth Is TOAST!!! I know a bit silly, but the descriptives definitely give you an idea of what you're up against.

Pack Monsters are the smaller types that generally have to fight in at least small groups in order to be effective. They're usually about as tough as normal humans.

Moderate Pests are generally what the characters run into. They are either really tough versions of Pack Monsters or a single creature that is best taken on by the whole group.

The "What The Hell Is That???" monsters are the creatures the whole party NEEDS to take on together if they are going to live or at least not get seriously trashed.

And the "Time To Rift To Some Other Planet, Cuz Earth Is TOAST!!!" are the large campaign monsters. You know, the absolute bosses that sometimes the characters never see. You know, the type to either rule or destroy the planet.


"Drakio-Rats" - - Drakio-Rats are small two feet long demonic, cat-like creatures. They are very flexible & very fast. Wizards have done some studies & found that they are distantly related to Dragons. In fact, their blood is very useful in making speed potions. There are probably many more posibilities for their rare physiology, but more studies must be made.

It is for this reason that they are actually more valuable alive then dead. Promising wizards will pay 1000cr for a dead one & 3500cr for a live, undamaged Drakio-Rat. This suits the Drakio-Rats just fine since they attack all humanoids on sight as a preferred food.

Horror Factor: 10 Alignment: Diabolic

Size: About 2-2 1/2 feet long Weight: 50-100lbs

M.D.C.: 1D6x10; they gain an additional 100M.D.C. at leylines

I.S.P.: 2D4x10 P.P.E.: 2D6x10

IQ: 15 ME: 20 MA: 9 PS: 20

PP: 22 PE: 15 PB: 15 Spd: 50

Level of Experience: Uses psychic abilities at level 5 & casts spells at level 7.

Natural Abilities: Naturally immune to all heat based attacks, including lasers & plasma. Can spit plasma balls 3/day, range: 200ft, MD: 2D4x10. Can leap 20' up & 40' across. Infravision (no eye adjust waiting period) 100'.

Psionic Abilities: They also have psychic abilities: See Invisible(4), Telepathy(4) & Soul Strike. Soul Strike is a psychic ability exclusive to Drakio-Rats. This is rarely used, since the it destroys the Drakio- Rat in the process. He charges up using all his life force & strange vein like regions in its body glow w/ energy. It charges to ram its victom. If it hits, it blows up causing 3D6x10MD!!! The blast radius is 25'.

Magic: The Drakio-Rats can also cast spells: Chameleon(6), level 2; Breath w/out Air(5), level 3; Carpet Of Adhesion(10), level 4.

Attack Per Melee: 2

Damage: Bite 2D6MD, claw 1D6MD

Bonuses: +4 to Strike/Parry/Dodge, +3 Save vs. Psionics, +2 Save vs. Magic, +10 Save vs. Horror Factor


"Dark Knights" - - Spawned from the darkest of energies, the Dark Knights are often created by powerful wizards & liches to act as powerful guardians. Dark Knights are created from the old armor of deceased evil warriors & tyrants. They appear as just a pure black void of a humanoid incased in armor.

As if their fighting prowess were not intimidating enough, their darkest powers lie in death. Whether that death be their own or the deaths of the victims that are slayed by them. Dark Knights have the ability to raise the dead into zombies.

To make matters worse, if a Dark Knight is destroyed, the Dark Knight vaporizes & only its armor remains, but nothing else. If anyone puts this cursed armor on they must make a saving throw vs. spells (magic) or be turned into a Dark Knight themself.

Horror Factor: 12 Alignment: Diabolic

Size: 6' (depends on armor) Weight: 300lbs

M.D.C.: 200 + 1D10x10

I.S.P.: None P.P.E.: 3D4x10

IQ: 15 ME: 20 MA: 5 PS: 25

PP: 20 PE: 20 PB: 8 Spd: 20

Level of Experience: Casts spells at level 5.

Natural Abilities: Naturally immune to all forms of mind control. They cannot be stunned & do not feel pain. Irregardless of this fact, they are not stupid & will flee if they take an excessive amount of damage, unless they are directly protecting their master. The regenerate damage done to them at 10 M.D. per hour. In addition to normal vision they can see "life energy".

Magic: The Dark Knights can also cast spells: Cloud Of Smoke (1), Sense Good (reverse of Sense Evil) (1), Sense Magic (1), Extinguish Fire (2), Mystic Alarm (2), Fingers Of The Wind (3), Ignite Fire (3), Fuel Flame (3), Ley Line Transmission (4), Repel Animals (4), Shadow Meld (4)

Attack Per Melee: 4

Damage: Punch 1D6 M.D., Damage from S.D.C. weapons become M.D.x2.

Bonuses: +3 to Strike/Parry/Dodge, +3 Save vs. Psionics, +4 Save vs. Magic, +10 Save vs. Horror Factor