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Welcome to Inter-Tribal-Voices

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What is Inter-Tribal-Voices?

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Inter-Tribal-Voices is a gathering of family, American Indian Brothers and Sisters who share common interests and goals.  Our Email Group was formed in the fall of 1998.  The purpose of this email group was to share wisdom, culture, spiritualism, tradition, causes, humor, friendship.  All who gather at our fire have an equal voice.  It is agreed that even though our ideas and beliefs may differ we have nothing but the greatest respect for all of our Members.  We have come together as ONE to share our individual life lessons and the wisdom that is acquired.  

We will be publishing an online monthly Newsletter and all members can contribute stories and articles they wish to share.

Our ITV symbol is now finished.  Thank you for the beautiful artwork, Ken White-Wolf.  

Our Inter-Tribal-Council consists of 4 Members.  If you have any comments or suggestions you wish to address please send a post to  If you would like to participate in our Inter-Tribal-Voices Email Group please contact

Blessings and Peace, as always,


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