The Digimon Hentai Free Movement

Is your sight Hentai Free? Do you want to let people know that you don't do that kind of thing? Well, if so, this is the place for you. This is the Digimon Hentai Free Movement, inspired by hentai FREE (they don't have any Digimon: Digital Monsters things). When you join the Digimon Hentai free movement and put one of our banners on your page it means that you do not, and will not, have any hentai on your page. We also don't allow pornagrophy or any x or high r rated material.

If you'r interested, here's how to join. First of all, you need to know what hentai is; it's anime pornography. If you don't know what that is, just email me and I'll try to explain it better (I won't give out hentai pictures, greatfully I don't even know where any are). Next, chose a banner. We have banners featuring many different Digimon from the show and even more to come. I'm planing to eventually do banners with the kids of them as well. I can also take requests for specific banners. Third step; signing up. Sign the guestbook (fill out all the information please) and you're almost done. Step Four; post the banner you've chosen on your sight, linked back to this page, and you'll oficially be part of the Digimon Hentai Free Movement.

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