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Special Gifts

Dearest Brenda,

I am thinking very much of you today.

Please add these gifts to Wendy's site,
and a beautiful poem written by my ANGEL Lee.


Sue-Anne /LEE


Softness of the Skin

Sweetness in the smell

Nectar of the Fruit

Tender in the Heart

Dancing in the Eyes

Uplifting in the Smile

Tickle of the Touch

Joining in the Love

Truth in the Speech

Love in the Laughter

Primal in the Scream

Soft in the Whisper

Quick in the Mind

Fair in the Sentence

Brave in the Confrontation

Joining in the Love

Graceful in the Sleep

Careful in the Search

Deep in the Sorrow

Strength in the Sickness

Giving of Thy Self

Rich in the Health

Kind in the Giving

Joining in the Love

Written By Lee Henry Aguilera



Lee's poem is beautiful. I am so honored to receive these precious gifts.
I will always treasure them.

Love and hugs,


To view Lee's website, please click on his picture below.

August 28, 2007

Dearest Brenda and ANGEL Wendy

Mom I am your ANGEL

And the children's

That now lives up above

Mom I haven't left you

Neither the children

Every day I send you all my love

I know you can't see me

And that really hurts you all

But I am with you every day

In everything you do

So please don't feel down and blue

One day we will all be together

But you must not keep asking

Just like me I had done my time

I am free and happy now

Only GOD knows

And in HIM you must believe

Written By Sue-Anne Aguilera ~~~ Lee's Mom



Wendy's poem is so beautiful. God has blessed you with the ability to take
some words and make it into a lovely heartfelt poem.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your beautiful poem and artwork.
I will treasure them always.

Love and peace,



Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Your gift is so beautiful and it really touched me


Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Wendy's globe is beautiful.

Your gift to me on Wendy's Angel day really touched me.


Thank you for these beautiful gifts . I will treasure them always.
It was such an honor to receive them for you.

Please visit Jason's website

Thank you so much for the Christmas gifts from you and Lee. I will treasure them always. You are such a sweet and thoughtful person..


To view Lee's home site, please click on Merry Christmas 2007. To view Lee's Christmas page, please click on Lee's Christmas picture.

Susie and Jason,

Thank you for always thinking of Wendy and me. Your gift to us this Christmas brought tears to my eyes and cheered this old broken heart..

You both are treasured friends. Susie, I hold you close to my heart and in my prayers..

Love, Brenda and Wendy


To view Jason's home site, please click on Jason's picture. To view Jasonís Christmas page, please click on Jasonís 2011 Christmas picture.

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