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The Hoosier Web Heads! ring is a system of connecting the web pages of people who live in (or are from) Indiana a.k.a. HOOSIERS

In the spirit of good old Hoosier hospitality, we have developed this web ring to link together some of the funniest, wittiest, interesting, and quaint web pages in Indiana. We hope that you'll enjoy "moseying" from site to site, meeting the people who are famous for that Hoosier hospitality.

If you have a personal web page and would like to include it in the ring, please check the eligibility requirements, and then fill out the submission form.

This Hoosier Web Heads! Web Ring site owned by Hoosier Webheads.
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If you have questions, concerns, or problems with this web ring, please e-mail the ringmasters, Wade or Steve.
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