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The Warehouse

Welcome to Hull's one and only 100% graffiti webpage. The Warehouse is the only website entirely devoted to a comprehensive coverage of the Hull Graffiti scene. With over 130 images, this site features pieces by a number of Hull writers including ZIML (aka SMELL), PINKY, PERV, ADMASS, SHADE, BONG, EKOE, RISK, SENS, PARIS, ACME, HAS2, LEEBO, FUEL, SPAM, POG, MERL, PLEB, NUMB, BED, and regular visitors SAER, ROYAL, SONE, KEZAH, EMIT, MOBSTER, GASFACE, MASH, CALIS, DISM and SURE as well as some oldskool works by Mr Sheik, Decode II, Delite, Equal, Elite, Joker, Izem, Snoe, Ultra, Detour and Si2. Most of the writers mentioned are part of Hull's two main crews: The Devious Rebels of Art (DRA) - over 10 years old, and The Rockerz Foundation Massive (RFM) - which evolved from the Essex Rockerz Foundation (ERF) in the 80's.

THIS SITE HAS ONE SOLE OBJECTIVE: to record and promote the graff scene in Hull. Clicking through the library of flicks I'm sure some of you will be surprised so much is going on in Hull - most people aren't even sure where the city is let alone what's going on here. So after a year of piecing, photo-taking, scanning, and learning how to make a page; 'The Warehouse' finally hits your screens....

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: This site is really old, the thumbnails have crumbled into dust along with the Warehouse itself. However most of the links to the images still work. The site will be sent to hospital and with a healthy dose of graffiti elixir, will be back on your screens in a few months time. Watch this space....!


 THE WAREHOUSE PAGES - Many pages of a fresh visual nature.


SKIPS, Diggers and Basketball Parks.


TRAX - An old painting spot.


PINK ELLY - Popular with visitors. 


OLDSKOOL - Pieces from 1986-90


EDITORIAL  - The long promised update....


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