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Web Searching, Sleuthing and Sifting 
(tutorial series)
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Like to learn more about Web Searching? Collection Development and Virtual Libraries? Visual Arts on the Web? Prefer Instructor-led Training?
 Scheduled for mid-July 1999,
Web Super Sleuthing and Searching 

is a web-delivered course in 4 lessons taught by Angela Elkordy, author of the "Web Searching, Sleuthing and Sifting" series.  Cost is $25 per course of 4 lessons. Registration inquiries to:
 This course will be offered several times per year. Next scheduled for July 1999.
Special requests are welcomed!
Collection Development: Collecting and Selecting Internet Resources for Electronic Libraries

is scheduled for Fall 1999. This instructor-lead, web-based workshop will be team-taught by
Diane Kovacs
President of Kovacs Consulting -- Internet and World Wide Web Training and Consulting
Angela Elkordy
Coordinator of Electronic Resources, The Sage Colleges, Albany & Troy NY
Register for the forthcoming workshop
 For more information, visit Kovacs Consulting or  contact Angela Elkordy (
Armchair Arts: Online Excursions in the Visual Arts II
Using a "travel" metaphor, this series of lessons highlights the best of the Visual Arts spaces on the Web. It will be team-taught by Angela Elkordy and Diane Kovacs. Missed Armchair Arts I? Register now to join us for more Journeys! (each course is independent and requires no prior experience) Classes begin late summer, 1999

Registration inquires to: Offered through Kovacs Consulting (
Prefer Instructor-led Training?
Diane Kovacs
President of Kovacs Consulting -- Internet and World Wide Web Training and Consulting
offers a variety of interactive classes including courses focusing in  Legal, Business, and Health Sciences. Curious? Learn more at

Angela Elkordy
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