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Since April 1998 we have subscribed quarterly to CD Refs (REFS stands for "Really Essential Financial Statistics"). This costs us approximately 350 per year and in return we get four CD's in February, May, August and November. The information supplied is used to drive all our investment decisions. To prove this just check out our unit price performance!

Although it is not a state of the art PC application (we can say this as we are mostly IT developers of one sort or another) we really do believe that CD Refs is an superb investment tool as it is the information you buy not the application.

About CD Refs Hemmington Scott say:
It contains...* full sets of tables ranking companies according to key criteria * essential investment statistics for every UK equity * historic data * forecast information * key investment statistics * directors share dealings - and more ...enabling you to view or print any section of Really Essential Financial Statistics at your convenience.
Please also refer to our investment criteria on our growth shares page for more information on how we query the CD Refs database.
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