THis is the most brilliant movie that I have even seen !

I have seen the 5th Element 7 times . Each time I just laughed harder than the last time , and felt more astonished by the visuals .For instance , the general walks with a limp leg , and so does Zorg . There are two interrupted celebrations one with a wine , and the other is with champagne (it says so on the bottle)... and I never noticed what the other general said before his ship was eaten by the Evil Sphere ... he says "God" Does he think the Sphere is God ? Ruby Rhod is so funny , but think about his name ... Ruby Rhod ... Rod ... Rodman ?! That would explain the hair color change . Vito Cornelius reminds me sort of exactly like Obi Wan Kenobi , because of the cloak he wears .
I could go and see it 100 times and I would still like it . I don't mean to analyse it in anyway , and the things I've written here are strictly for the sole purpose of asking questions to make people think about the movie . They were left unawnsered so you could have an opinion on them . Some of them I've offered my opinion on , but you are welcome to
email yours


(to make you think)
  • What is the Fifth Element ?
    Some people say that the fifth element is Love , and some people say that it is Life . What is the difference? (-trav)

  • How do those little red things on the telephones help communicate into deep space so quickly ... and how do they still work after the evil sphere (Mr. Shadow)eats up all the communication sattelites ?
    I don't know , but I love it when the President says "Why the hell's it eating up all the satellites? " (-trav)

  • Where does Korben Dallas keep that gun of his hidden anyway?
    Korben probably keeps the gun in the small of his back (

  • Is Korben fired for his driving skills , or the scene where Zorg says to fire 1 million people ?
    Korben was fired because he was one of those lucky million people employed by Zorg who got fired on a whim (

  • What happened to the Mondoshawan in the Temple ?
    *David ( Cornelius's helper/ student) went to Egypt first as instructed by Cornelius, he put up some light sticks ( remember that ?) and remove the dead body of the Mondoshawan ------ official answer given by Luc Besson (Kurt )
    *To answer what happened to the Mondoshawan in the Temple. We will never know the exact prodedure, but Vito Cornelius tells David to go and prepare (the temple) for our arrival. When all the others arrive, Vito says, "good work David". I guess David somehow got the Mondoshawan out of the temple. (Peter)

  • Why are there 217 year old comic books on the floor of Korben Dallas' apartment (Adolf and Sanctuary) ?
    My Guess is because the director reads them .(-trav)

  • Why is NYC the capital in the future ?
    Think about, and you'll realize that it is the capitol now. (where do you think the UN headquarters are). If an alien came and said "take me to your leader", it would probably mean the leader of the world (UN), not the leader of the country. It is only reasonable to assume that the United Nations will develop into the Federated Territories. (

  • How did Diva Plavalaguna put the Stones inside her ?
    A friend of mine suggested they were in her womb (-trav)

  • Why is it that the first priest looks like the guy on the wine bottle ?


    Wonders of the FUTURE are finally here. Large boats that don't sail in water but float over it, faster than the speed of light travel , hovercars, human reconstruction,
    multipasses, makeup boxes, and much more.

    So why stop there? What else can you imagine would be in the future? I kind of wondered about all this while I watched the movie . What do you think they will invent in the future? What will be considered Long Distance when you can call from Earth to Fhloston Paradise?

    It takes less than four hours to get there, so how fast is the connection over the communications satellites.


    Leeloo's full name is Leeloominai Lekatariba Laminatcha Ekbat D Sabat . What this mean is far beyond my comprehension. But I bet you can't say it three times fast.

    Leeloo seems to be everyone's favorite character in the movie with Ruby Rhod following in at close second. Leeloo is played very well as an outsider, by Milla Jovovich as someone who does not know the language. She was created from a "survivor" of the Mondoshawan crash . But is that right? Was she the 5th element (the statue, which probably encased her) or a Mondoshawan? I think it was the first.

    Leeloo says she was not built to love, that she was built to protect. But it was the NucleoLabs that RE-built her, from the hand they found in the wreckage. Since the statue would have been necessary to complete the 5 elements, then the statue must have been holding on to the empty case. Confusing, to say the very least.

    But what are you supposed to do if you crash land into someone's taxi and you don't know the language ? Leeloo is very smart , she learned english very quickly .


    The Multipasss seems to be a credit card , a phone card , and an ID . Thus the term multipass . However , they seem to be easy to fake ... the technology to fake them is accessible to anyone from a preist , to a shady right hand character , to Mangalores . Next thing you know , you have two thousand people claiming to be Dallas on the next trip to Fhloston , and the fakers with heavy wallets (WILL THE REAL KORBEN DALLAS PLEASE STAND UP !!!) ... or a lot of credits on their Multipass . Multipass . Multi-pass (Okay , they know it's a Multipass!!!)

    We probably aren't very far away from that kind of technology , I mean more often than not , you need a lot of different things for ID , and a Multipass would be a nifty idea ... is it also a library card , too ?


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