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1970 FORMULA 400

This 1970 Formula is my latest "baby", I got her in early December 1998. It has the 330 hp 400/4bbl, TH-400 transmission, and 12-bolt rear end. It's not heavily equipped. Options include: Power brakes, Power steering, A/C, and the custom black interior. The car is currently a metallic maroon color and has a black vinyl top, it was originally Goldenrod yellow. It has no gauges or tach.

I plan on keeping her basically stock, the engine and transmission don't seem to need any major work. The interior needs almost everything except seat covers and door panels. I have not decided whether or not I will go back to the Goldenrod yellow, but I do know that the vinyl top goes! The suspension (front and rear)is shot, and will have to be completely rebuilt.

Like the 76 Formula, this car is on hold until I complete the 80. Will keep you posted.