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Page 3: The Cold Within

Ok folks, this is a poem that I want you to read, then think about it. It is a poem about 6 men trapped by coincidence and doomed by prejudice. While you read it, think about this. "When you hear the word cold, what do you think of? Do you think of the frigid Pennsylvanian winters that can get up to -40? Perhaps you think of when a virus enters your body, and you must get rid of it. Or maybe, just maybe, you think of what you feel inside. And now.....

The Cold Within

Author Unknown

Six men were trapped by happenstance,
in the bleak and bitter cold.
Each one held a log of wood,
or so the story's told.

Their dying fire in need of wood,
the first man held his back.
For of the faces round the flames,
he noticed one was black.

The second man sat back and looked,
but saw none of his church.
He could not bring himself to give
the fire his stick of birch.

The thrid man sat in tattered rags,
as he gave his coat a hitch.
He simply would not use his log,
to warm the idle rich.

The rich man sat and thought of all
the wealth he had in store.
And how to keep what he had earned
from the lazy, shiftless, poor.

The black man's eyes bespoke revenge
as the fire died from sight.
All he saw within his wood
was a chance to spite the white.

The last man of this forlorn group,
did nothing except for gain.
Giving only to those who'd give
was the way he played the game.

The fire died, the men grew cold,
Icicles formed on their chin.
They would not die from the cold outside,
They would die from the cold within.

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