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Kinkade/Kincaide Genealogy

David Kincade b.1802 Tn m. Sally/Sarah McWhirter
Hugh Kinkade b.1827 Tn m.Louisa Jane Jones
Samuel Preston Kinkade b.1859 Ky m. Lilian Arendell
Otto Kinkade b.1899 Ky m.Hallie Gish
Samuel Kincaide b.1924 Ky m.Ruth Johnson
Charles Kincaide b.1957 m. Tamara

I'm looking for JOHN KINKADE born 1770-1780,
JOHN is in Wilson Co TN by 1824 when his son
married Feb 27 1824

Reward for information needed

DAVID and wife SARAH/SALLY next appear Sumner Co Tn 1850
DAVID & SARAH last appear in AUGUST 1860 Butler CO Ky census
They may have returned to Tennessee or went to Southern Indiana



His son:
David Kincade
Born 1802 Tn
Married Feb 27 1824 Wilson Co Tn
Sally/Sarah McWhirter
Born 1808-1810 Tn-N.C.-S.C.

Their Children

Elias Kinkade b.1834 Tn d.Oct 19 1883 Spencer Co Ind
Hugh A.Kinkade b.1826 Wilson Co Tn d.May 1860 Butler Co Ky Gunshot
Elizabeth Kinkade b.1826 Tn d.aft 1900 Ohio Co Ky
John T Kinkade b.10-29-1829 Wilson Tn d.5-4-1911 Ohio Co,Ky
Mary A Kinkade b.1835 Tn d.Oct 9 1878 Spencer Co Ind
William Kinkade b. Jan 1 1839 Tn d.Feb 20 1908 Ardmore OK
Henry H. Kinkade b.10-7-1842 Tn d.2-8-1915 Warrick Co Ind
David Blackburn Kincade b.1844 Tn d.1881 Ohio Co Ky

David and Sally/Sarah are listed In Sumner Co,Tn Census 1850 With Above Children
David and Sarah are listed In Butler Co Ky 1860 with Additional Children
Andrew J Kincade b.1847 Tn d.abt 1900 Ky
James F Kincade b.May 1853 Ky(? Grandson)d. aft 1920 Tulsa OK

---------Hugh Kinkade marriage 1----------
Hugh Kincade/Kinkade
Born: 1827 Wilson Co Tn Died: May 1860 Butler Co Ky Gunshot
Father:David Kincade
Mother:Sally/Sarah McWhirter
Married 1. Zinetha/Cinthia Suttle 3-5-1849 Sumner Co,Tn
Cinthia's Grandfather Presley Suttle 1779-1843
Her Father Jerimiah Suttle 1805-1850
Zinetha/Cinthia Suttle b.1829 Sumner Co,Tn d.1-8-1856 Butler Co,Ky
Of Consumption(27)Listed as Santhia Kinkead on Death Records
Known Children Of Hugh And Zinetha/Cinthia Suttle
George F. KinKead
b.1849 Sumner Tn d.8-11-1856 Butler Co,Ky
James F Kincade b.1851 Ky(Possible Son)

--------Hugh Kinkade Marriage 2----------
Louisa Jane Jones
Married 14 Apr 1856 Butler Co,Ky (age 18 at marriage)
Born abt 1829 Butler Co,Ky
Died ?
Sister To Louisa Jane Jones,
Joab/Jacob Jones married April 14,1846 to Nancy Jones Butler Co,Ky
J.A.Jones b.1-18-1828 d.6-11-1897 Butler Co,Ky
Nancy Jones b.3-22-1827 d.8-17-1877 Butler Co,Ky

Their Children
1.Lycurgus Kinkade b.1856/57 Ky
m.March 22 1883 Warrick Co Indiana To Anna Kellum (Bk 6 Pg 42)

2.Samuel Preston Kinkade
Born 2 Oct 1859 Butler Co,Ky Died 27 Nov 1932 Henderson Ky
Buried 28 Nov 1932 Fernwood Cem. Henderson Ky
Cause Cranial Hemmorage Occupation Farmer
Father Hugh Kinkade
Mother Louisa Jane Jones

----Samuel Preston Kinkade(marriage 1)6 Children----
Wife 1: Sarah Ann Hope
Married 1 Jan 1880 Butler Co,Ky
Born 0 Jun 1852 Butler Co,Ky
Died abt. 1896 Butler Co,Ky
Father George Washington Hope b.Jan 1811 Ky d.? - Farmer
Mother Martha H. "Patsy" Jenkins b.1815 Ky d. ?
Sarah First Married Sterling Clark June 30,1873
1 Pearly Perlie Kinkade b.24 Dec 1881 Butler d. 31 Jan 1929 Butler
m. Jan 12,1901 Laura Jane Arnold/Arendell b.1886 d.1945
Bessie Kinkade b.1912
Raymond Kinkade b.1902 d.
Presley Kinkade b.1919
Jesse Kinkade b.1904 d.
Vernie Kinkade b.June 17,1904 d. 1937 Butler
Era F Kinkade 1907
Laura Jane Arnold Kinkade m.April 29,1933 Beauchamp M. Smith
2 Martha J Kinkade b.1884 Butler d.May 10 1928 Henderson
m.1 Arthur Greenfield b.1863 d.Oct 31 1923 Christian Co Ky

Annie Belle Greenfield(Graves)
b.July 22 1901 d.Jan 6 1984 Henderson
m.John B Graves b.July 10 1898 d.Dec 11 1978 Hend Ky

Mary Magnolia Greenfield(Skaggs)
b.March 1 1908 d.Sept 13 1984 Henderson

Addie Electra Greenfield(Hinton)
b.March 22 1911 Muhlenberg d.Aug 13 1989 Henderson

Hughie A Greenfield ( m.Gladys ?)
b.1913 d.Jan 17 1990 Henderson

Nora Mae Greenfield Buchanan b.1910 Living

Martha J married John T Graves b.May 14 1872 d.Jan 26 1952
Martha J and Her Children are Buried Fernwood Cem Henderson Ky
Martha J Buried Along Side all 3 Daughters

3. Harrison Harry Kinkade b.8 Jul 1888 Butler d. 24 Jul 1965
Wife2. Ida E Brooks 1894- Nov 13 1918 Childbirth
Harry Jr.b. Nov 12 1918 Died At Birth
William b.1915 d.Aug 15 1998 Henderson Ky
Wife3.Cora L Williams 1881- Aug 12 1953
Wife1.Emma Cole b.1890 d. Jan 22 1911 Butler
4 Fanney M Kinkade b. 8 May 1891 Butler d.3 Aug 1921 Butler
Never Married Buried Oak Grove Cemetery Butler Co,Ky
5 Hughie Westerfield Kinkade b.3 Sep 1893 d.28 Mar 1980 Butler
Married 2-6-1917 Bonnie Russ b.March 20,1896 d.May 26,1971 Butler
Hazel Vera Kinkade b.Dec 1,1918 Butler
James Edward Kinkade b. May 22,1919 Butler d.Oct 26,1944 Italy WWII
Gussie Edna Kinkade b. Feb 12,1926 Butler d.Dec 6,1984 Butler
Herbert Theldred Kinkade b.Jan 31,1924 Butler
Dewey Glenn Kinkade b. March 16,1933 Butler
Denzel Dean Kinkade b.
Onie Belle Kinkade b.Oct 26,1928 Butler d.Feb 18,1945 Butler
6. Preston Kinkade b.22 July 1896 Butler d.22 July 1967Indpls,In
Died Stroke Occ:Laborer
Married Lura B. Kirby 1885-1975
(both at Hill Haven Cem.Butler Co,Ky)
Children 7 Daughters
Anna Mildred b.Oct 16,1933
Flossie Kinkade 1918-1918
Lavenia Kinkade b.Jan 1,1922
Erdine Kinkade b. Nov 23,1924
Marjorie Marie Kinkade b. Sep 27,1919 d.2-1977
Berthaline Kinkade b.Nov 2,1928
Daughter Kinkade d.Stillbirth

-----Samuel Preston Kinkade ( marriage 2)4 Children----
Wife 2 Lillian D. Arendell
Married 20 Oct 1897 Butler Co,Ky
Died Breast Cancer
Born 14 Oct 1869 Butler Co,Ky
Died 2 Aug 1924 Muhlenberg Co,Ky
Buried 3 Aug 1924 Oak Grove Cem. Butler Co,Ky
Father Richard Lewis Arendell b.1842 Ky d.
Mother Sarah Jane Adkins Arendell b.1848 Mo. d.
Lillian 's son To Husband 1.Unknown Carroll
Ed Carroll b.1893 Butler d.1980 Muhlenberg Co, Ky
1 Otto Kinkade b. 15 Oct 1899 Butler d. 15 Aug 1932 Muhlenberg
Died Typhoid Fever Occ: Coal Miner
Married Nov 6,1923 Muhlenburgh Co,Ky
Hallie Gish b.June 22,1906 Muhlenberg d.Feb 21,1980 Evansville,In
Both Mt. Pisgah Cem Bremen Ky
Samuel Kincaide b.Sept 28,1924 Muhlenberg d. Aug 14,1990 Evansville,In
H.W. Kincaide b. May 12,1927 Muhlenberg d.Nov 18,1974 Rose Hill Cem.
James Courtland Kinkade b. Oct 28,1929 Muhlenberg
Mildred Kinkade b. Dec 26,1931 Muhlenberg
Hallie m.June 30,1933 Muhlenberg Co,Ky
Marvin Stobaugh b.1901 Muhlenberg d.1969 Evansville,In Buried Mulenberg
Children Rethel Stobaugh b.1938 Muhlenberg
Hallie's Parents Ida Ann Vincent b.8-8-1871 Muhlenberg d.1-16-1957 Mlnbg
Joseph Gish b.9-13-1870 Muhlenberg d.4-13-1943 Mlnbg
2 Nellie Kinkade b.April 10,1901 Butler d.Sept20,1925 Butler
Died Tuberculosis Buried Sept 21,1925 Oak Grove Cem. Butler
married James Lee Hawkins b. 1883 d.Nov 11,1964 Muhlenberg
Samuel Preston Hawkins b.1923 d.April 24,1951 Butler
George F. Hawkins b.1925 d.March 3,1926 Muhlenberg
3 Lona Lonekia Kinkade b. 25 Jul 1903 Butler d. 18 Sep 1922 Butler
Died Tuberculosis Never Married Buried next to mother Lillian
4 Hallie Marie Kinkade b. 1909 Butler d. 9 Mar 1979 Henderson,Ky
Husband 2. Sam Porter b.1913 d.Sept 28,1984 Hend.Ky(both Fernwood Cem)
Husband 1. Thom. Jefferson Morgan m. Oct 12,1929 Muhlenberg Co,Ky
b.1888 d.Dec 5,1933 Mulenberg
Dorthy Jane Morgan b.1931 d. 1934 Muhlenberg

------Samuel Preston Kinkade(marriage 3)0 Children-----
Wife 3 Sarah M. Wilson Stone m. abt. 1930 In Henderson,Ky
Born: Nov 14 1874 Henderson Ky
Died: Aug 19 1962 Henderson KY
Parents Virgina Grisham & Billy Wilson
Her First Husband
Phil Henry Stone 1865-1925 Henderson,Ky
Her Third Husband
John T Graves 1872-1952

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