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Dr. David James Johnson

Stellar Research Group and Personal Research Interests


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Greetings, And WELCOME to my WebPage............. I am a member of the Stellar Research Group, which is a private non-profit Think Tank dedicated to the advancement of all Science’s and the recruitment of the next generation of Scientist.. SRG was organized and came into being in 1990, at that time SRG’s primary interest was in Theoretical Cosmology , which has since expanded to include all Scientific Disciplines.. My Personal research interests involve Theoretical Astrophysics and Cosmology with concentrations in the Large scale Structure of the universe as well as SolarWind, StellarWind and Galactic Wind studies, with Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics implications. In the past few decades this particular research has abandoned the Mainstream Science gospel of the Big Bang Theory for a more relative Theory which combines a modified Inflationary and Fluid dynamics Theories, which provides a more precise picture relative to actual Cosmic Structure we are seeing today. This theory also provides that the universe is greatly older than Mainstream Science indicates or acknowledges, age is also highly difficult to establish as the Cosmological record (similar to the Earth’s Geological Record) is in a continuos state of change, which only allows for a few billion years of age to be verified. The universe is a unique and highly dynamic environment, in which, it’s mechanics may not be as complex as originally thought, after all Einstein viewed the universe simplistically, and solved some of the mystery. In the last years of his life he struggled with the Grand Unification Theory, something that the universe does naturally, we’ve merely to discover the mechanics. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// I am also a supporter of the Spaceguard Foundation, which is a growing effort by a growing number of international scientist to detect, verify and track Asteroids which may pose a hazard to all life on Earth. Just as in the 1998 Block Buster Movies “Deep Impact and Armageddon”, if nothing is done to provide our world with an Early Warning System, which spans all Continents and Countries of our Planet and a Collective effort by all Nations is not put into place, as well as Planetary Defense strategies taken, then our time on this planet is more finite than any of us realize. The number of Asteroids which may pose a hazard has been indicated by NASA at around 2,000, yet there is no way to put a number on Rouge Asteroids, and those are the ones which pose the most hazard, as we may not have very much of a warning that its coming for a visit. Spaceguard is more than just about identifying such hazards, but about the Survivability of Humanity, I for one believe that on this issue alone, Nations of the Earth need to come to the realization of this threat, and to put aside some of the petty disagreements which plague our world and lead to war and disharmony, and learn to work together, as once a threat is identified, then it will take the resources of our whole world to defend ourselves from this threat, if we do not, and our Governments do not take the appropriate efforts, then we are as doomed as that of the Dinosaurs. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Among my personal history, I have served some twenty plus years in the U.S. Armed Forces in both the United States Army and the United States Marine Corps, as well as the United States Army Reserves, where I was assigned in varied capacities in Law Enforcement, Investigations, intelligence and Special Operations. I am also an Ordained Minister in the Christian Orthodox Church of America, with ties to the Anglican Church. I also teach on a part-time basis for Ivy Tech State College as well as Vincennes University where I teach Conceptual Physical Science ( Physics, Astronomy, Geology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences), as well as General Physics, and Computer Science courses. I hold Doctorate Degrees in Philosophy and Astrophysics, as well as a Bachelors of Science in Physics. Thus I am well versed in the Sciences as well as matters of Religion, and highly active in all areas of personal interest. I also write various articles some of which frequently appear in SpaceDaily and the Cambridge Conference Network, and I have three Books pending Publication. I am an American History buff, and am active in Colonial Re-enactment’s with Muskets depicting the Mountain Man era. Dr. Johnson is also a member of the Spaceguard Foundation (Itlay), and the Space Shield Foundation (Russia). ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// I welcome suggestions, comments and ideas pertaining to research and ongoing projects, and urge those interested in Spaceguard to contact there elected officials and voice their opinions on this issue. Thank You for visiting, and please feel free to contact me or travel through the varied links provided. Best Regards, David Johnson ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////******************************************************* BEST REGARDS, Copyright 1999 David James Johnson, Ph.D. , All Rights Reserved NOTE: SRG and Dr. Johnson are in the middle of Upgrading the SRG computer system, please excuse any delays in return e-mail which may occur during the transition..