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Creating Professionals With Power

The liberalised economic regime in India has created a competitive environment with stimulii to achive highest possible levels of efficiency . Business education too has got the ' big jerk ' in its erstwhile slow evolutionary orbit. A large number of colleges are joining the growing fraternity. It is plain that survival would depend on pursuit of excellence when the prime spur to efficiency is 'competition'.

Sister Nivedita Foundation, an organisation wedded to the cause of 'excellence' in education has accepted a challenge in setting up a business school to create a class of Indian managers who would be unique in their input-strength and strong in their approach to problem-solving. Sister Nivedita College of Professional Studies (SNCPS) has been established by the Foundation with approval by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government or India, to commence operations with effect from 1995-96.

The needs of professional managers are growing at a pace which outstrips the supply, and perceptions do suggest a widening of the gap with more rapid industrial advancement, technological progress and surging business investments. The corporate sector which absorbs a significant chunk of management graduates is expanding very fast with a sizeable upswing in company floatations. There has been spectacular. This macro-scenario has transformed the sombreness of yesteryears into robust optimism for the 'tomorrows'.

SNCPS has goals to cut away from the tradition-bound university pattern of business education. It would successfully strive for carving a 'niche' for itself. And with SNCPS goals would follow the positioning of its products - the young professional managers with compelling bids to get their debuts in rewarding slots. SNCPS is committed to pursue an integrative approach to training, instruction and placement.

The inner environment is braced up with continuing counselling by faculty and also by experts from industry, business and consultancy organisations, all for the important purpose of enhancing higher employment prospects of our students.