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What's Up, The Name is Vijay "The Roadrunner" Sharma, you're probably here because you know me or I told you to come it doesn't matter though cause now you're here. Let's start it off easy, I used to go to Purdue University, where I was the President of the Indian Students Association as well as a writer for the Purdue Exponent. It was one of the worst experiences of my life, if anyone is planning to go there, DON'T. Go through Purdue not to Purdue. I used to be the Editor-In-Chief of the newspaper at Oakton Community College and am had a blast. I'm in Loyola and that is auper cool-ass! Anyways, I'm planning on going into human rights or labor or immigration or criminal law someday and do some good. Well anyways, I was born in the greatest country on this planet which is India, Pune to be exact and my family and I are very proud Sindhi's. I live in Chicago.

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