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My Bed for Red Worms


Welcome to my worm page. Redworms are popular worms which are used as fish bait here in the south. They can be grown quite easily in your back yard. Normally there is no odor from the bed but if there is just add leaves on top and soak them with water. Here is how I grow my worms.

THE BOX.... (be careful with the hammer)

The container is a wooden box made from 2x6 boards nailed into a 4 feet square box laid on the ground.

TO START.... (some work to do here)

Fill the box full of leaves and grass clippings. Throw in some table scraps. Wet it. You can add old worn out potting soil also. Bits of styrofoam can be added to keep the mixture from compacting. Keep it wet with water.

ADD WORMS..... (don't play with them, yuk)

Buy two or three containers of worms at your local bait shop. Make sure they are live and wiggley. Dump them out on top of your leaves. They will immediately start to dig into the leaves to avoid the light. The worms who just lay on top of the leaves and don't move are dead.

BED CARE....... (don't use the silk sheets)

Keep the leaves wet. Sprinkle water on them every day. Worms will drown so be careful. Cover the bed during a rainstorm. After two or three weeks the leaves will begin to decrease in volume. This means the worms are alive and well. Add leaves as necessary to keep them level with the top of the bed. You will need a continous supply of leaves. The worms have huge appetites during warm weather. You can add kitchen scraps also. Your bed will work best if it is made primarily of leaves. Every so often, the worms need clean sand added to help their digestive tracts work better.

Kitchen Scraps. (All those yucky things)

Those little worms will recycle left over food and table scraps into black loam. So add table scraps and watch them disappear. Worms will not eat grease or aluminum. Put the aluminum, tin cans, plastic and glass in a recycle bin. You are on your own with the grease. Ants will eat worms so watch out for this if you add table scraps to your worm bed.

PAPER. .(not the comics)

Yes, worms recycle paper if it is napkins and tissue. If you add regular paper stock it must be shredded and added in small amounts.

CHILDREN...(the little homo sapien ones)

Most kids love worms. So let them dig the worms out and feel them. They wiggle out of your hand because you are warm. Worms like the cold moist earth. After a couple of months in warm weather you can uncover the leaves using a rake and watch the worms do their thing.

FISHING. (Fish love worms).

After several months you can start using the worms from your worm bed to go fishing. This is the best part.. You can eat worms but most fishermen eat the fish they catch with the worms. The fish taste much better.

I am serious about my worms. I would like to help people interested in reducing the pollution in our environment start their own worm recycling centers. If you have a worm site and wanted to be linked to this one, please e-mail me.

If more people who live on this spaceship called Earth used worms to recycle their waste we could reduce some of the huge piles of garbage that our society seems to constantly produce.

Thanks for the email. One suggestion was a worm bed made from a drum. Does anyone raise worms in barrels?

Thanks for visiting my room at I would like to thank angelfire for making the room possible.