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Adopt-A-Mark (tm)

Click on the adoption certificate to adopt your own bohemian.

Adoption Certificate

Yes, we've adopted a Mark. We love him dearly and we're sure you'll soon grow to love him just as much as we do. We've tried our very hardest to make him happy by providing him with things he wants--or at least things he sings about.

Of course, Mark has to have a camera, so we've given him two of the spiffiest new cameras we could find.

A space heater for those cold winter days without any heat.

And if the power blows (making the space heater useless) here are just a couple little sticks of firewood to keep the loft warm without having to burn posters and screenplays.

Money, which Mark seems to lack most of the time.

A bike to ride midday past the three piece suits. (We're stretching it, I know)

"Wine and Beer!"

"Bustelo, Marlboro, banana by the bunch, a box of Captain Crunch will taste so good!"

"To Absolut--to choice--to the Village Voice..."

Batteries to use when the power goes out.

SPEAK >>beep<<