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My Friends

The Lotus Mahal

"Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow.
Don't walk behind me, I may not lead.
Walk beside me and be my friend."
- Albert Camus.

I have lived in two other countries before coming to the U.S.A. I lived in the U.A.E (or the United Arab Emirates) and then in India. So I have some of my best friends who are still there. To begin with, in Abu Dhabi, the main guys were Vikas, Anas, Murtaza, Shankar who I later on joined in India, Sirajudheen the track star of my school, Varij, Tariq, Jaison, Tison and a lot more whose names would not fit in here.

After I went to India to complete my high school I made the wildest group of friends anybody could imagine. To start with, Dilip, that devil with a smile on his face anybody would fall for, and he could get anything done if needed, Gautam Passi the husky, burly cricket star of the school, Mithun the ever-cheerful guy, Vaidi whom I don't remember staying on the ground, Jayanth the best brains around, Syed the thinker, Srivatsan the "How is it?" guy, Mahesh the orator and so so many guys that I could fill the whole page with.

Having come a long way from home, I never expected to make a lot of friends so quickly. But my arrival to the U.S changed my view completely. The guys here are really friendly and never made me feel away from home. The first of those people are Tushar, Tejash, Sandeep, Neeraj, Hari and Jai, the Graduate students with whom I stayed with when I first arrived. And of course the other grads who also became my friends are Narayan, Rajesh, Pankaj and Biju.

Once college began I moved into the dorms where I met a lot of other people of which now I found my best friends. Now these guys are Ankit a.k.a Chota Bapu, Shubham a.k.a Bada Bapu, Sachin a.k.a Khwar Bapu, Abbas the person whose pastime is naming us, Mithun was the newest addition to our gang until some more got added like Siddarth or Sid, Utkarsh or Mr. U and of course Haseem bhai, in addition to Rohit, a guy who one day hopes to become a graphics expert and believe me, he'll get there!!!, Jasbir, Josh the "Killa Koala", and a lot more... And how can I forget Koeli, the sweet Bengali girl besides the many more whose names have not been mentioned.