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Version 3.3   :  Updated on October 16th, 2002

Verilog Center is an Oracle of Verilog Hardware Description Language and E.D.A. May you find answers to all your questions. If not email me at
Verilog FAQ
This page contains answers to most of your frequently asked questions. Excellent starting point for beginners as well as experts.
Technical Tips Storage
This page contains technical tips and answers to odd problems. 
Online Books
Three books are listed here which are available online with full text and illustrations. Subjets range from basic Digital Design to Advanced ASIC Design Management.
Technical Papers
This section contains links to interesting papers on Verilog-VHDL wars, Design Methodology and Metastability phenomenon.
Free Stuff
Links to free Verilog Simulators and free tutorials.
Productivity Tools
This page contains routinely used productivity enhancers like Emacs mode for Verilog and Vera, vim modes for various languages and tools and scripting languages.
Sample Questions
This page contains sample questions asked in interviews in typical EDA related industry. Its a growing collection of teasers.

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