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Advanced Group Scheduling

Now you can co-ordinate scheduling business and professional activities for up to 99 staff on a local area network! SuperCAL shows your whole day in one view, with fifteen-minute slots from 6 a.m. to midnite. Best of all, select a list of staff needing to meet, and SuperCAL finds the meeting time for you, inserts the event in everyone's schedule, and even prints a memo to announce the affair. If SuperCAL can't find a time for everybody to meet, its unique "Conflict Density Map" helps you identify the times when the fewest schedules will need to be changed, and tells you who the problem staff are at those times. Here's a screen shot:

Contact us TODAY to arrange a 90-day free trial of this unique software, which works on any version of DOS or Windows; you must have a mouse and a VGA monitor.

Summit Microtech Corp.