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-------- We are a repair servicer *** No new products -------- WE HAVE A NICE SELECTION OF RECONDITIONED VGA, SVGA COLOR, COMPOSITE, and TTL MONOCHROME COMPUTER MONITORS AT ATTRACTIVE PRICES. ADDITIONALLY, A LARGE NUMBER OF "LIKE NEW" WYSE MODEL 150's, SOME WYSE 50,60's & LINK DATA TERMINALS FOR IMMEDIATE PURCHASE. TERMINAL PRICES TYPICALLY FROM $150.00-$225.00 WITH KEYBOARDS. ======================================================================== PROFESSIONAL REBUILDING/REPAIR OF ALL MAKES/MODELS OF COMPUTER MONITORS/ DISPLAYS, USING STATE OF THE ART "SENCORE " GENERATING TEST EQUIPMENT! ======================================================================== >>>>>>>SERVICE YOU CAN'T GET ELSEWHERE!"<<<<<<< CALL 1-574-546-3529 FCC License# PG-18-31222, Indiana #1380, 1826, 002107813-001-5

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