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Courtesy of Martin Prather's
Prather/Prater Genealogy page

Prather Family History
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This e-mail list is a discussion area for anyone who has an interest in genealogy related to the PRATHER family, including PRATER, PRATOR, PRAYTOR, PRAYTER or any other related spelling.

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A fascinating true account of
Perry County, Indiana Prathers
Caution: This true story is not particularly flattering as it
concerns a factual account of a notorious Prather family of that vicinity,
many of whom were convicted of horse theft and larceny.


Martin Prather's Prather/Prater Genealogy page

Randy Jones' PRATHER page

Peggy Wilson's Prather Website

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    Hundreds of people who subscribe to the PRATHER group on Rootsweb concentrate on descendants of THOMAS PRATHER (born December 26, 1604 in Eaton Water, Wiltshire, England; died 1666). However, the spelling of these descendants' surnames include PRATHER, PRATER, PRAYTOR, PRAYTER, etc.

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